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Kellyanne Conway: President Trump’s State of the Union Will Focus on Bipartisanship

The White House is setting the tone ahead of tonight’s State of the Union Address, hinting that bipartisanship will be the focus of the speech.

More specifically: the lack of Democrats willing to act bipartisan, even on issues they used to be sane on. Bill Clinton railed against illegal immigration, illegal hiring, and illegals receiving welfare benefits at one of his SOTU addresses, all to bipartisan applause. You don’t have to go more than a decade back in time to see Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and others publicly blasting illegal immigration. “Sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants are virtually nonexistent,” Sanders once complained. And our nation’s guest worker program? That “drives down wages for all,” Bernie correctly pointed out previously.

“I believe we have very serious immigration problems in this country,” he’d later say.

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Yeah – no kidding. And in the course of only a few years, fighting illegal immigration has gone from being a right-of-center but bipartisan issue, to being a “Nazi” position. What reason explains the shift, if not for the sole purpose of “resisting” Trump?

It’s not a good look for those who spent the majority of Obama’s presidency complaining of Republican gridlock.

According to the Daily Mail,

Kellyanne Conway took a detour after telling the hosts of ‘Fox & Friends’ that it would be a ‘positive’ speech and harangued Democrats for their rejection of President Trump’s immigration compromise.

‘The question of whether this will be bipartisan, is not a question for the Republicans, it’s a question for the Democrats, who have yet to come to the table with anything except wearing black tonight, saying, “Me too,” and I guess boycotting Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Clinton, and, and others,’ the senior counselor to president said.

Kellyanne Conway took a detour from Trump’s ‘bipartisan’ message. Democrats ‘have yet to come to the table with anything except wearing black tonight, saying, “Me too,” ‘ she said

Democrats will also be proving her point, as a number of them attending have invited so-called “Dreamers” to attend alongside them. Think Trump will address that directly during his speech?

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