Over the past four decades, it’s taken 67 days on average between a Supreme Court nomination and the subsequent confirmation vote. Thanks to the current witch hunt perpetrated by Senate Democrats (with much help from their friends in the media), the Kavanaugh confirmation process has been dragged on for 84 days since his nomination on July 10th, as of today (October 2nd).

It’s time for a move on, don’t you think? Democrats have been granted every concession they’ve demanded so far to help them promote unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh. They’re even perfectly willing to admit that their goal is simply to delay his confirmation.

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono said on MSNBC that it wouldn’t be a big deal to her if the confirmation process was delayed for over a year, while Elizabeth Warren admitted that the week-long FBI investigation is simply a Trojan horse to take down Kavanaugh (in the video below.)

Unfortunately for the Dems, everyone sees this charade for what it is. According to a poll from the left-wing Huffington Post of all places, only 25% of women and 28% of men believe that accuser Christine Blasey Ford is credible (and she’s the most credible of the Kavanaugh accusers).

When the American public isn’t buying the narrative against Kavanaugh, is there any point in further surrendering to Democrats and delaying the vote? Of course not. For the first time in recent memory, Republicans are finally beginning to show some backbone, and a vote could be held as early as this week.

According to WaPo, the Majority Leader McConnell plans a vote for this week.

Should The Senate Vote On Judge Kavanaugh?

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McConnell cited the Democrats constantly-moving goal posts as the reason the Senate needs to vote now. “The goal posts keep shifting. But the goal hasn’t moved an inch. Not an inch. The goal has been the same all along. SO let me make it very clear the time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close.”

First Lindsey Graham began turning up the heat on Democrats – and now Mitch McConnell? The Democrats have managed to awaken a sleeping giant with their witch hunt, and ironically, it’s going to hurt them rather than help them come November.