Another Discrepancy Emerges in Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story

Yet another discrepancy has emerged in Christine Blasey Ford’s story about Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ford originally alleged that Kavanaugh forcibly groped her at a party while both were in high school. In a detailed write-up of her account in The Washington Post, she said that Kavanaugh assaulted her in the presence of another boy. This boy has denied any wrongdoing on his and Kavanaugh’s part.

In notes she provided to a therapist in 2012 about the incident, numerous discrepancies were found. One was that Kavanaugh was never named in her original allegation. The other is that the therapist noted there were four boys present for the incident, and not just one other. (RELATED: There’s a Discrepancy in Kavanaugh Accuser’s Account of Sexual Assault.)

Now another discrepancy was just revealed. Ford hired lawyer Debra Katz to advocate on her behalf. Katz went on CNN to relay Ford’s story once again but added an extra detail that wasn’t provided in The WaPo piece.

From the Daily Caller:

During the interview, Katz revealed that there was another girl present at the party, which allegedly took place in 1982 while Kavanaugh was attending Georgetown Prep. Ford previously told the Washington Post that there were four boys at the party but never indicated if there were other girls beside herself.

You can watch the entire interview below, that is, if you can stand to watch CNN at all:

I’m far from the only one who is bringing up this discrepancy:

So this makes things interesting. It would make sense for a bunch of boys to try to cover Kavanaugh’s tracks. But why are we just hearing about this girl now? The media immediately sought out and discovered Mark Judge, the man who allegedly watched the incident occur. Why is nobody searching for this girl who was at the same party?

The discrepancies keep piling up for Kavanaugh’s accuser. And Democrats are actively trying to thwart Senate Republicans’ attempts to get to the bottom of what actually went down with Kavanaugh and Ford. (RELATED: Democrats Refuse to Participate in Call With Kavanaugh After Assault Allegations.)

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Are they afraid of finding more holes in the story?

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