Kamala Harris Praises ‘Courage’ Of Texas Democrats Who Fled State On Private Jets

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Vice President Kamala Harris praised Texas Democrats for showing ‘courage’ by fleeing the state to prevent a vote on Republican election integrity bills in the state legislature.

Over 50 Democrats departed Austin for Washington, D.C. on a pair of flights chartered by the Texas House Democratic Caucus at a price tag of $100,000, according to USA Today

By fleeing, Democrats have left the Texas House without a quorum of two-thirds of lawmakers, and have thus prevented conducting votes.

Harris – who has said she wants to get rid of the filibuster – speaking at an event in Detroit, claimed the Democrats were “showing extraordinary courage and commitment.”

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered,” she said, failing to grasp the irony of their effort to prevent votes in the legislature.

Harris went so far as to claim the Texas Democrats were on par with others who have given their lives for the right to vote.

“I will say that they are leaders who are marching in the path that so many others before did, when they fought and many died for our right to vote,” she added.

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Texas Democrats Fear Arrest

Texas Democrats can block the voting bills by remaining out of the state through the end of the special legislative session, which could go as long as 30 days.

The Daily Mail reports that “the Democrats risk arrest” and are concerned state Republicans will “send law enforcement officials, possibly including the Texas Rangers, after them.”

By leaving the state, however, that scenario becomes highly unlikely, as Texas lawmakers will lack jurisdiction.

It’s when they get back to Texas that things will start to get interesting.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, “Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business.”

Social media posts didn’t show Democrats seemingly all too concerned about their detrimental actions. Some photos showed them, all smiles, flashing peace signs as they sat on their getaway jet.

Another image showed the group with a case of Miller Lite in tow on the bus to the airport.

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Abbott Blasts The Democrats

Abbott blasted the Texas Democrats, insisting they “must put aside partisan political games and get back to the job they were elected to do.”

“As they fly across the country on cushy private planes, they leave undone issues that can help their districts and our state,” he said, indicating other votes being abandoned involve property tax relief and money for children in foster care.

Harris’ comments, in light of having been put in charge of expanding voter access by President Biden, signal that the Texas Democrats’ behavior will be praised, if not encouraged, in other states seeking to improve election integrity.

While in D.C., the Democrats will reportedly demand that Congress pass the For the People Act and “save our democracy.”



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