Rumors are circulating that Sen. Kamala Harris will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee for 2020. She is supposed to meet with 2008 Hillary Clinton donors this week in the Hamptons. But all this groundwork isn’t stopping Harris from boosting Linda Sarsour’s Women March movement.

Sarsour, if you remember, has called for “jihad” against President Trump. Sarsour also celebrated the birthday of a fugitive cop killer Assata Shakur, a convicted cop-killer and domestic terrorist on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, who has been living in Cuba after escaping a New Jersey prison.

Harris, along with liberal senators Dianne Feinstein and Kirsten Gillibrand, have all put forth public support of Sarsour’s movement.

“Jihad Linda” as I call her, even retweeted Harris to show solidarity with her movement. I think that should sink Harris’s bid for a president due to the amount of baggage Sarsour has.

Source: Daily Caller

Sens. Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and Kirsten Gillibrand have all been enthusiastic supporters of Women’s March. As reported by The Daily Caller, the organization declared its support over the weekend for Shakur, who fled to Cuba after escaping from the prison where she was serving a life sentence. Shakur, Women’s March said, is a “sign of resistance.”

Women’s March responded to criticisms over the statement by re-affirming their support for Shakur, while claiming to be a “nonviolent movement” that doesn’t necessarily endorse all of Shakur’s actions. (Notably, the group declined to say that anything Shakur did was wrong.)

All three senators have remained silent on Women’s March’s support for a domestic terrorist. TheDC reached out to all three senators’ offices to ask if they would disavow or condemn the organization’s support for Shakur. Despite being given more than 24 hours to do so, all three declined to condemn or disavow Women’s March.

It looks like we don’t have to do that much to find ways to defeat Harris. Her connections with nasty liberals like Sarsour are going to tank her own campaign.

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