America’s leading Sharia Law advocate and hilariously described “feminist” Linda Sarsour is taking names. Why? Because people have been defaming her…. by accurately representing her positions.

She sent out the following tweetstorm yesterday, complaining about the criticism she’s received. Like any good victim, criticism is “harassment” and “defamation” to her.

These came after two recent scandals. One involved her calling for “Jihad” against the Trump Administration, which she tried to claim meant “peaceful resistance.” She really ought to know how the American public would react to the term “Jihad” – especially from someone like Sarsour who describes Sharia law as “reasonable,” and doesn’t think it’s a problem that women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive.

Second, Sarsour raised over $100,000 for a Jewish cemetery back in March – and they still haven’t received the funds, and don’t believe they’ll ever see.

For her own actions she blames the “right-wing, alt-right, right-wing zionists.” Now ain’t that a mouthful? If anyone else was blaming Jewish people they’d be branded an anti-Semite, but Sarsour gets a free pass from the race-baiters on the Left.

What does she possibly expect to sue over?

For reporting the fact that she shared the stage with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing, back in April?

Or maybe for reporting that she wants to “take the vaginas away” from women who disagree with her? (Hirsi Ali is a victim of female genital mutilation, by the way).

If she’s going to blame criticism of her on “Islamophobia,” she’s going to be at a loss to explain that to her Muslim critics who are actually working to reform the religion to make it compatible with the 21st century.

Here’s some advice Linda: If you want people to stop “defaming” you by accurately reporting on your comments, make like Hillary Clinton and head back to the woods. I can’t say you’ll be missed.

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