On His First Day, Justice Gorsuch Impresses Everyone, Even the Liberal NYT

Neil Gorsuch was President Donald Trump’s choice to replace conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. And there’s no doubt he was an excellent choice.

Many conservatives voted for Trump on the basis that he would make better choices for the Supreme Court, and Trump didn’t disappoint.

Now that Gorsuch has been confirmed, he just had his first day as a Supreme Court Justice. And he’s already making waves!

As Fox News reports, the many questions he asked before the Court are breaking the mold. This is awesome!

An upbeat Justice Neil Gorsuch wasted little time getting to work in his first public session Monday as the 113th member of the Supreme Court.

Sitting at the far right end of the nine-member bench, Gorsuch spent the morning hearing three oral arguments, each lasting about an hour. In his first case, considering a federal workplace discrimination claim, the newest justice was among the most active of questioners — unusual for the court “rookie.”

At the start of the morning session, Chief Justice John Roberts publicly acknowledged his new colleague in the crowded courtroom, wishing him a “long and happy career in our common calling.”

Gorsuch responded by thanking the other justices for giving him a “warm welcome.”

The 49-year-old Colorado native paid close attention to the arguments, sitting straight up and resting his hand occasionally on his chin.

He remained focused — not even chatting with his “bench neighbor,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor — as he asked a number of questions of counsel. The back-and-forth exchanges lasted more than 10 minutes of the first 60-minute argument.

He’s already showing what an impressive intellectual legal force he is. Even the liberal New York Times admired Gorsuch’s actions on his first day:

Reuters reporters noted Gorsuch’s “composure” and “confidence” throughout his first day on the bench. The New York Times had a similarly positive review.

“If Justice Gorsuch experienced first-day jitters, he did not betray them. He was an exceptionally active questioner, displaying an easy familiarity with the issues in the minor and technical cases before the court. He asked crisp and colloquial questions, and he kept asking them if he did not find the lawyers’ answers satisfactory.”

Gorsuch is a serious, conservative judge and his new position is a campaign promise fulfilled by Trump. He has the opportunity to shape critical court decisions for many decades to come.

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