Guess Who’s Saying Hillary Clinton Should Be Jailed Now?

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro sat down with Sean Hannity to discuss the Hillary Clinton email scandal, delivering a 7-word assessment as to what she believes the outcome of the investigation should be.

“You’re darn right she should get jailed,” Pirro said.

The judge was discussing recent revelations that a Romanian hacker named “Guccifer” was able to access Hillary’s homebrew server. In fact, he said “it was easy … for me.”

He said it was pretty much easy to hack for “everyone else” as well, alleging that 10 others managed to get into the server at the same time he had.

The Clinton campaign essentially said it was “unfathomable” that the hacker was able to successfully breach the server.

“Really!?” an exasperated Pirro said. “This a homebrew server in Chappaqua, in a bathroom closet. … Are you kidding? Who’s a better hacker than a hacker?!”

She then tackled claims that Clinton didn’t handle classified information on that server.

Via Fox News Insider:

Sean Hannity pointed out that there’s a long list of countries that could have also accessed Clinton’s highly-sensitive emails.

Pirro said it’s very hard to believe Clinton wasn’t discussing classified information in her emails.

“What was she talking about?! Yoga?” she asked.

Pirro said she believes the FBI will return a criminal referral in the case, but it remains to be seen whether the Justice Department will move forward toward a possible indictment.

“You’re darn right she should get jailed,” Pirro concluded, arguing it should be that way for anyone “who puts the security of Americans at risk.”

Aside from saying she deserves to be jailed, Pirro predicted that the FBI would make a criminal referral in the Clinton case.

Hannity asked, “Is she going to get a criminal referral?”

“Absolutely,” Pirro replied.

You can check out the fiery interview with Pirro below …

Recent reports indicate that the FBI has already interviewed her top aides, and is set to interview Clinton herself in the coming weeks.

Comment: Do you agree with Judge Jeanine that Hillary Clinton is going to get a criminal referral? Do you also think Hillary should be jailed? Tell us your thoughts below.

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