Judge Napolitano: US Intelligence Was Behind WikiLeaks Revelations

judge napolitano wikileaks

Judge Andrew Napolitano is a lion of liberty – a libertarian and former federal judge, he puts the law and the Constitution first.

He’s been following the Hillary email scandal and the WikiLeaks revelations since day one, and he just made a shocking claim about who is REALLY behind the hacking of the DNC.

According to Judge Nap, it’s not Russia. It’s not even hackers. Looked at this stunning claim on Fox News’ Varney and Co.

The great folks at The Gateway Pundit wrote up a transcript for the segment. Look at this:

The CIA and FBI examined the exact same data that was produced for them by the NSA. The CIA analysts said the Russians are behind this. The FBI analysts said there is no evidence that the Russians are behind this. We do know this was leaking. This was not hacking. Leaking is the unauthorized exposure of something to a person to whom it wasn’t intended. Hacking is the altering of an operational system… You can’t affect the outcome of the election if you hack Clinton and the DNC. You can affect the outcome of an election if you affect those who register the voters or count the voters.

There is NO EVIDENCE that this was done by the Russians. But there is evidence for this. Who was harmed by Mrs. Clinton’s extremely careless use of state secrets? Whose agents’ lives were jeopardized by her failure to keep these state secrets? The American intelligence community. It is more likely than not that members of the American intelligence community leaked this to Julian Assange than that the Russians did… The suggestion comes from members of the intelligence community.

This is incredible, and logically it makes sense. All the claims so far about “Russian hacking” have been backed up by zero evidence at all – yet the liberal media has run the story wall-to-wall as if it were the truth.

Judge Nap isn’t the only one who disagrees with the CIA and the liberal media.

The  former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, disagrees.

The FBI disagrees.

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton disagrees.

One thing is for certain: the pro-Hillary, anti-Trump media should not be trusted. We know what their agenda is.

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