Juanita Broaddrick Slaps Down David Hogg Over AR-15 Comments

Juanita Broaddrick gave young gun-grabber David Hogg a smack down on Twitter after he attacked the NRA for praising the AR-15 rifle.

Hogg: “A Modern Day Musket My Ass!

On Friday, the National Rifle Assocation, potentially in response to the number of violent riots that we’re seeing across the country right now, put out a tweet arguing that the AR-15 was the “modern day musket,” in that it is “an everyday gun for everyday citizens.”

This was jumped on by a number of anti-gun activists, lambasting the NRA for being supposed child killers, a lobbying arm for gun manufacturers, and other insults.

This included 20-year-old David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting in Florida in January of 2018. Unlike his fellow survivor, Kyle Kashuv, who promotes responsible gun ownership and genuine solutions to the problems of mass shooting attacks, Hogg simply wants to take your firearms away, and he is very proud of saying that.

“6 minutes 20 seconds is all it took for the shooter at my high school to fire over 100 rounds from his AR-15 to shoot 34 people,” Hogg tweeted. “In that same amount of time even the most trained person would have only been able to fire 18 rounds with a musket. Modern day musket my ass,” he continued.

Gun Control Activists Don’t Care About Safety!

This comment didn’t go unnoticed by Juanita Broaddrick, who called him out on his lack of comments when radical leftists and antifa members actually broke gun laws.

“Where was your outrage when the leader of Chaz was handing out AR-15’s like candy?” Broaddrick asked Hogg.

This was in reference to a video posted from inside Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone last month, where their gangland leader, Raz Simone, gave a number of antifa members AR-15s, contravening Washington state’s laws on the transfer of firearms.

This is really typical of the modern left. They have no actual understanding of gun laws, and when they do, they ignore when their compatriots break them! They don’t want to save lives – they just want to get rid of your valued freedoms.

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