Joy Behar Offers Insincere Apology After Calling the President a Domestic Terrorist

Joy Behar, co-host of “The View,” offered a quasi-apology after calling the President of the United States a “domestic terrorist.”

Behar took issue with a tweet by President Donald Trump, in which he called anarchists who have taken over a six-block area in Seattle they call the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone”, the very same phrase.

These criminals have enlisted armed guards to control access to the zone, and there have been reports that businesses within the area are being required to pay a fee to continue operation.

In other words, they’re terrorizing the city.

“Domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle, run by Radical Left Democrats, of course,” Trump wrote. “Law [and] order!”

Behar essentially replied by saying the President is the real domestic terrorist.

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While anarchists have taken over a significant swath of a major city that they call a “police-free zone” – which is a fancy way of saying a criminal home base – Behar thinks she knows what the real problem is.

Trump, you see, is a terrorist because he was impeached … or something.

“As a matter of fact, he has the nerve to call anybody a domestic terrorist,” she said. “He’s the domestic terrorist. He’s the one who’s been impeached for obstructing justice in this country. He’s the one who has friends who are in jail.”

Behar proceeded to rattle off three names of “friends” of Trump’s that are in jail, all three of which are not currently in jail, and one who was completely exonerated in General Michael Flynn.

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Non-Apology Apology

Behar gave a half-hearted attempt at an apology, saying she’ll have to take back her comments because, unlike the President, she holds herself accountable.

“Um.. yeah, I guess,” Behar replied when co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked if she would like to clarify.

Then, just when you thought her comments couldn’t get any more idiotic …they did.

“I mean, I’m not calling anybody names like he does,” she said after calling him a name. “It’s just that it seems ironic that he would be calling people domestic terrorists.”

“I mean, I’ll get in trouble for calling him a domestic terrorist – he won’t get in trouble for calling innocent people domestic terrorists,” added Behar. “That’s the irony of this conversation – so I take it back, I take it back.”

The issue seems to be Behar’s fundamental misunderstanding that armed anarchists taking over a city, chasing out a police precinct, and extorting businesses, do not equate to ‘innocent people.’

The liberal comedienne has also suggested that Trump is responsible for the death of George Floyd, whose murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officers actually led to the riots and domestic terrorist uprisings we’re seeing in Seattle.

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