Joy Behar Claims Donald Trump Is To Blame For Crime Surge: He Spent ‘Four Years Normalizing Crime’

Joy Behar Claims Donald Trump Is To Blame For Rising Crime Rates: He Spent ‘Four Years Normalizing Crime’

On Wednesday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar acknowledged that crime has been on the rise under President Joe Biden, but tried to blame that spike on former President Donald Trump.

The ABC personality said crime was up because Trump spent “four years normalizing crime.”

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Behar: ‘Trump Resided Over The Greatest Crime Rise In Modern American History’

Behar said, “Well, you know, I’m old enough to remember many decades where crime spiked. I was afraid to, you know, go out at night. You know, you were scared you were going to be mugged in New York City.”

Behar continued, “And then I have another statistic here that’s interesting because from 1993 to 2019 — and that is a period that I was not scared to go out —crime steadily decreased in the United States.”

“Every president since Clinton inherited basically a declining crime rate, and then it continued to decline until Trump came along,” Behar added.

Then she pointed her finger directly at Trump.

“Trump resided over the greatest crime rise in modern American history,” Behar said. “The murder rate shot up 26 percent, and mass shootings spiked. Hate crimes spiked more than 20% during his presidency.”

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Behar Claims That Trump Spent ‘Four Years Normalizing Crime’

Behar then claimed she didn’t want to blame Trump completely, but kind of sounded like she might be doing just that.

“The View” host said Trump “normalized crime.”

Behar continued, “Now I don’t want to lay the whole thing at his feet, but he did create four years normalizing crime.”

“They consider themselves the law and order party, but all I see is more crime coming out of that administration where he seemed to let everybody off the hook,” Behar claimed.

“So I think it should be considered certainly in this discussion,” she finished.


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