This morning, it was confirmed that Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News host, was fired from her new NBC morning show after she defended blackface as a Halloween costume. In today’s political and racial climate, the left-wing backlash against Kelly was predictably swift. But, as usual, the outrage doesn’t extend to the left’s political allies. Uncovered video from a past episode of the hyper-liberal show “The View” revealed Joy Behar altering her skin color and wearing blackface to dress as an African-American for Halloween.

Megyn Kelly’s career implodes after “blackface” comments

First, the background. Earlier this week, Kelly, in an extemporaneous monologue, defended the use of notorious “blackface” makeup when used for a Halloween costume. Take a look at her comments, which are clearly discomfiting to her fellow host and guests:

Kelly was quickly forced into apologizing for her tin-eared comments, which are supremely offensive to many African-Americans. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Gives Bizarre Defense of Blackface, Forced to Apologize.) You can watch her apology below:

No matter how profuse and genuine her apology was, there was no saving Kelly. It has now been confirmed that she has officially been let go from NBC. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Taken Off Air, Reportedly Being Shopped to Other Networks.)

Liberals don’t seem to mind blackface when liberals do it, though

Popular liberal personality Joy Behar is on TV in front of the nation every single day, despite doing something far more egregious than merely talking about blackface. Behar actually did it.

Joy Behar once dressed like a black woman for Halloween.

That’s right: Behar actually dressed like a black woman for Halloween, violating all types of racial protocols. Dear readers, I present to you: Joy Behar’s blackface.

The liberal site Jezebel describes the costume as “blackface-lite.” Behar’s co-host Raven-Symoné  looks aghast at the photo, telling Behar, “you ain’t black though.”

Should Joy Behar Be FIRED from 'The View' for Wearing Blackface?

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No, she isn’t. Behar deliberately changed her skin color to appear as a “beautiful African woman.” Raven-Symoné asked what she used to accomplish the effect, with Behar replying that she used darker make up. That didn’t convince Raven-Symoné either.

Count on liberals to politicize even something as universally derided as blackface.