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Jordan Has A Message For Schiff: We’re Subpoenaing The Whistleblower

On Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan, House Oversight and Reform Committee ranking member, revealed Republicans plan to subpoena the Ukraine whistleblower to testify publicly.

The problem here is that while Republicans can subpoena the said whistleblower, Rep. Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Chairman, and the Democrats have the power to veto that request. Schiff supported the idea to have the whistleblower testify, however, now his thought process has changed and while citing concerns for safety, he is ruling it out.

Republicans feel that after they learned the whistleblower had contact with Schiff’s office in some manner, he decided to change his mind.

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Saying the whistleblower can’t testify or won’t because of their safety is absurd. People turning state witness against known murderers don’t even get that level of protection, they have to testify under oath! The protection they are assured as whistleblowers only extends to reprisal through firing or other actions against employment. They still have to account for their accusations and testify under oath and in person!

This all started when the “said” whistleblower filed a complaint about Pres. Trump’s July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where he allegedly expressed a desire to have Ukraine leader investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter over questionable activities and possible quid pro quo, the very same offense Dems are blaming Trump for.


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It is amazing how history repeats itself. First, we had the Steel Dossier that claimed the Trump campaign had “colluded” with the Russian government to “steal” the 2016 election. This leads to the Mueller investigation even though the original Steel document was discredited. (Mueller concluded there was no collusion.)

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Now we have an impeachment of a president based on the opinion of a “whistleblower.” Are Democrats afraid that if this whistleblower testifies in public his opinion will be discredited as well? Thereby, discrediting their whole impeachment push?

I know I’ve been calling this seditionist a “whistleblower,” but he isn’t. That law was meant to protect from retribution those reporting a first-hand observation of misconduct or dangerous practices within the organization where that person works, not second or third-hand politically biased accounts of activity elsewhere. This character is a left-wing political hack and a mole who has been trying to upend the current administration since day one, which is why Adam Shyster has been coaching the witness, suborning perjury, and trying to hide the identity of a Cucaracha who cannot stand the light of day.

Media outlets have been threatened with a lawsuit if they reveal the name of the guy whom everybody knows his name. Sen. Rand Paul says he is thinking of revealing his name on the senate floor and I wish he would. He can’t be sued because anything said on the house or senate floor is protected from lawsuits. Maybe we should start a campaign to call Rand’s office and beg him to do it?

It boils down to this — if this appears like a preplanned coup because it is.

The left has been meeting all over the country in homes and clubs trying to come up with the perfect thing that will work to remove Trump. Look at all the things they did that failed. The Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape, Russia Russia Russia, Stormy Stormy Stormy, and now Ukraine phone call which everyone can read the transcript of. But they want to impeach because many in the deep state like Yonavitch, Taylor, Sondland, and Vindman didn’t like the way their opinions were ignored or because they did not ‘feel’ the tone of the words used were what or how they would have said them.

Again with the left, it’s all about feelings. But that does not constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.

The “whistleblower” is “irrelevant” to the impeachment investigation just as the Steele dossier was irrelevant to obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on all-things-Trump.

Yeah, right.

Also, you could not investigate Hillary Clinton because she was a candidate and the same for Biden, yet that did not stop the deep state under the Barack Obama administration from investigating all-things-Trump.

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Ukraine helping Democrats get dirt on Republican is good. Ukraine helping Republicans get dirt on Democrats bad. Orange man bad. The deep state and democrats are still involved with a cover-up in plain sight. Imagine what they will do if they returned to power.

The problem for the Democrats is that it was Ukrainians that approached Rudy Giuliani in November of 2018. Eight months later, when he spoke to the Ukranian president for the first time, Trump asked them to share whatever they had with the United States Attorney General.

That’s actually not just how it’s supposed to be done but required by a treaty between the two countries. The whistleblower account isn’t just inaccurate, it’s invalidated by the underlying facts that Ukraine reached out to Trump, not the other way around.

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