John Rich Reminds Liberal Celebrities Who Want To Leave America Over Trump: Epstein Island Is Closed

John Rich Epstein Island
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Liberal elite celebrities like Cher and Barbra Streisand are already threatening to flee the United States if Donald Trump is reelected in 2024. Now, the conservative country music star John Rich is firing back to troll them in the best way.

Rich Uses ‘Epstein Island’ To Troll Liberal ‘Elites’

“So ridiculous to hear all these ‘elites’ say they’ll leave the country if DJT is re-elected…I mean, where would they go?” Rich wrote. “Epstein island has been shut down for years now. Silly elitists.”


Epstein Island, of course, is the private island where the late sexual predator and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed many of his crimes, with rumors swirling for years that he was joined by liberal elites there for many of them.

Cher, Streisand Threaten To Flee U.S. Over Trump

This comes after both Cher and Streisand, two major liberal elites, pledged to leave America if Trump is re-elected next year.

“I almost got an ulcer the last time [Trump was elected],” Cher, 77, told The Guardian last month. “If he gets in, who knows? This time I will leave [the country].”

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Streisand made it clear in an interview of her own last week that she is right there with her.

“I will move. I can’t live in this country if he became president,” she told the liberal late night host Stephen Colbert when asked about the potential of a second Trump presidency.

As for where she will go if Trump wins, Streisand said, “Probably to England. I like England.”

After admitting that the political climate in the U.S. is “bad,” Streisand heaped praise on President Joe Biden.

“Well, I like Biden. I think he’s done a good job,” she said. “I think he’s compassionate. He’s smart. He supports the right things.”

Spoken like a true liberal elite!

Check out this full interview in the video below.

Full Story: Barbra Streisand Pledges To Flee U.S. If Trump Wins In 2024 – ‘I Will Move’

Rich Is A Proud Conservative

Unlike Cher, Streisand, and the vast majority of the entertainment world, Rich has been a proud supporter of Trump for many years. Last year, Rich claimed that he’s been “blackballed” by the music industry for his conservative views.

“Even though I’ve been blackballed by Music Row, lobbyists for the liberal country music industry are hitting me up to lean on conservative members of Congress to push legislation that helps big music companies,” Rich tweeted. “What was my answer? GO KICK ROCKS.”

“Let’s Go Brandon!” he added, referring to the anti-Joe Biden chant.

Earlier this year, Rich scored a major hit with his non-woke song “Progress,” which you can check out in the video below.

“I wrote it because I’m so frustrated with everything going on, like everybody,” Rich explained to Fox News. “But the irony struck me so hard that all these things happening to our country right now are being done under the banner of progress, of that word. I’m like, this is what you call progress? And you look on the news and you see all the terrible things happening, and this is progress to them, to the people that are doing it.”

“I thought, okay, this deserves a song,” he added. “So I set out and wrote the song, ‘Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine’. ‘Keep your big mess away from me and mine’. ‘If you’d leave us alone, well, we’d all be just fine’. ‘So stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.’ And I put it out and I thought, well, I hope people like it. I look up and they go, hey John, you might want to check the chart. You’re at number one. You just knocked Lizzo out of number one. It’s pretty crazy.”

Unlike the vast majority of entertainers, Rich can actually think for himself when it comes to politics. Good for him for having the courage to hit the liberal elites like Cher and Streisand right where it hurts by bringing up Epstein Island!

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