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Top 2008 McCain Staffers Not Invited to Funeral

At some point, it stops being about negligence and just becomes simple cruelty.

The late Senator John McCain’s funeral is this week, both in Arizona and Washington, D.C. And it hasn’t been without controversy. (RELATED: Joe Biden to Eulogize John McCain – Everyone Forgets Their History.)

Since the Senator’s death, his past relationship with the President has been brought into a new light. Both parties – McCain’s family and the President – have traded subtle barbs with each other, starting with the Trump White House keeping the flag at full staff after McCain’s death. (RELATED: White House’s American Flag Flies at Full Staff After John McCain’s Death.)

The McCain family’s disagreement with Trump extends to others as well. Sarah Palin, who ran as Vice-President under the McCain ticket, wasn’t invited to the funeral. (RELATED: Sarah Palin Reportedly Not Invited to John McCain’s Funeral.) And now it’s being reported that key members of the 2008 McCain team aren’t invited to the funeral either.

From Politico:

John McCain’s funeral will spotlight some of the late senator’s political rivals — but some of his closest campaign aides are being excluded from the proceedings.

Three of the most prominent members of his 2008 presidential campaign — campaign manager Steve Schmidt, senior adviser Nicolle Wallace and longtime strategist John Weaver — were not invited to any of McCain’s services, according to three people familiar with the guest list.

What gives? It’s not clear if this was done on purpose, or it had any malevolent inklings behind it. Regardless, it causes even more speculation, as it reflects a kind of shame about McCain’s presidential run against Obama.

You can’t uninvite both your running partner and your key campaign staff without causing people to question whether or not you thought the campaign was a mistake.

We know that McCain admitted to regretting some decisions he made in the 08 campaign, including making Palin his VP nominee. (RELATED: Sarah Palin Calls McCain Out For Lying About Choosing Her As Vice President in 2008.) But, that’s not an excuse to cut out staffers from your funeral.