Well, this certainly isn’t subtle.

This past weekend, Senator John McCain passed away at his Arizona ranch home. (RELATED: McCain Dies At Age 81.)

McCain was a Republican politician who got on the nerves of other Republicans like no other. That made him an independent voice who wasn’t afraid to speak out against his own party, or his own president.

It’s well known that McCain and President Trump never saw eye-to-eye. (RELATED: Trump Slams McCain for Obamacare Vote: He Cost Our Country A Lot.) The relationship was so contentious that the President is actually barred from attending McCain’s funeral. Imagine: hating someone so much during your life you can’t let go of the grudge after.

For his part, Trump has also refused to give up on the grudge, as he reportedly refused to approve an official White House statement paying tribute to McCain’s life. But it looks like the Trump White House took it an extra step just this morning.

The Daily Mail reports:

The flag is flying full staff at the White House on Monday – one day after it was lowered in tribute to the late Senator John McCain.

Flags are still flying at half staff at the U.S. Capitol building, where McCain served as a Republican senator from Arizona for over 30 years.

President Donald Trump notably did not issue a proclamation when McCain died on Saturday, which usually calls for flags to remain at half-staff through the day of interment.

That would be Sunday – the day the late senator is scheduled to be buried at the Naval Academy Cemetery in Washington D.C.

No word from the White House yet on if this was an innocent mistake. I’d hate to see this grudge go on after McCain’s death. It’s better to let bygones be bygones in the end.

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Trump should be the bigger man and end the feud now.

Note: A few readers have written The Political Insider, stating that Trump didn’t break flag protocol by flying the flag at full staff. That is true: protocol was not broken. But as the sources above suggest, normally the flag is kept at half-staff until the burial of whomever is being honored.

UPDATE: President Trump has released an official statement regarding McCain and has ordered the White House flag to remain at half-staff: