John Kasich Tells Don Lemon That Some Trump Supporters Might Still Be Redeemable

Former Ohio governor John Kasich, in an interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon, suggested some Trump supporters “are redeemable.”

Kasich (R), who unsuccessfully ran against former President Trump in 2016 and endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, suggested to Lemon that supporters must confess their sins before being welcomed back into the fold.

In other words, confess that the Capitol riots were as bad as the media portrays and the whole event is all Trump’s fault.

“Honestly, Don, what we have to ask ourselves are, who’s redeemable?” he said. “Who we bring over to say this is — this is just wrong. This never happened this way.”

“And we’ve got to figure out how to talk to some of those people and reach them, Don, and get them back.”

“Some of them are redeemable. I can tell you they are. And you know that some of them are, don’t you?” Kasich continued. “You’ve met them. They’ve gone up to you and said, ‘Lemon, you’re right.'”

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John Kasich Tells Don Lemon Some Trump Supporters Are Redeemable

For his part, Lemon wasn’t buying the notion that some Trump supporters are redeemable, as John Kasich suggests.

“How do you reason with unreasonable people?” he asked.

“No matter how many times you show them video of Trump supporters and people – hundreds – 150 or so, or close to it, who have been arrested from the Capitol … that is not living in reality,” Lemon added.

“Why would you even want to reason with those people?”

‘Not living in reality’ is Lemon, who is super-despondent over what happened at the Capitol but denied the reality of leftist-led race riots over the summer.

Lemon had suggested rioters setting cities ablaze in the name of racial justice were comparable to American revolutionaries.

“Our country was started because, the Boston tea party. Rioting,” the CNN flak said as footage of arsons and looting were emerging.

“So do not get it twisted and think this is something that has never happened before and this is so terrible and these savages and all of that,” he continued. “This is how this country was started.”

Was Lemon ever taken to task for inciting violence, for voicing support for the overthrow of law and order?

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Trump Supporters Need to Be Deprogrammed

Kasich’s argument that some of the “redeemable” Trump supporters could one day see the light is reminiscent of several liberals who have suggested they need to be deprogrammed in some way.

Television personality Katie Couric recently asked, “How are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?”

Washington Post columnist and MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson, likewise, said Trump supporters are “members of a cult” and that they need to be both “deprogrammed” and “reprogrammed.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued that “white supremacy” is a poison represented by President Trump, then suggested the government needs to “double, triple, or quadruple the funding” into programs that “deradicalize” brainwashed white supremacists.

People like AOC, Lemon, and Kasich don’t want unity, they want you brainwashed just as they have been.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Will someone please put Kaisch on a boat with Mitt and send them somewhere. We can send along Whoopi and Joy Behar for entertainment.

    I do not want or wish to have John Kasich's or Don Lemon's
    approval! Who are they to judge me????
    Lemon has his own issues! He molested a young bus boy
    on Long Island and has his own flaws!!!
    Kasich has been wrong on so many issues he should redeem

  • Is Kellyanne Conway Redeemable?
    In another attempt to silence her daughter, Kellyanne Conway, former White House aide to Donald Trump, allegedly posted a topless photo of Claudia Conway on Twitter on Monday. Claudia has gained quite a following on TikTok for her raw videos opposing Trump and the Republican Party as well as against her mother for supporting both.
    In a number of videos posted to Claudia’s social media account, Kellyanne has consistently abused her daughter verbally. But this incident takes her abuse even further, endangering the welfare of a child. According to Variety, screenshots posted by users on social media confirmed that Kellyanne, under her account @KellyannePolls, shared an image of her 16-year-old daughter topless using Twitter’s Fleets feature. The feature is similar to Instagram Stories, allowing users to post photos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours.
    While Twitter claims that it has a "zero-tolerance child sexual exploitation policy" regardless of the intent of viewing, sharing, or linking to child pornography, Kellyanne has not yet been removed from the platform. Under federal law, posting a photo of a nude teenager, whether intentional or accidental, is an act of child pornography, which is illegal.

  • John Kasich can never be a Republican again. He is just another butt kissing RINO and a worthless piece of nothing. He would kiss up to Don Lemon, a person (I can't call him a man) who is a pure Communist. And should be charged with inciting rioting.

  • Hey slimeball Kasich, you have it backwards. You and 99% of the GOP are irredeemable. You and Lemon make a great pair. You are perfect for each other. You are so out of touch in your teenie tiny bubble and one of the MOST clueless politicians out there. Your way of thinking {along with the Bushes, the Obamas the Romneys, the Clintons, etc}., is one of the reasons 75,000,000 of us are running away as fast as we can from the Republicans. We're thankful that so many of you have shown your true Commie colors. We are no longer fooled by your b.s.

  • all these anti-Trump dick heads that claim to be republicans should be sued and expelled from the republican party for 'serving' under false pretentions.

  • Kasich you ain’t a pimple on DT’s butt. Your a loser like Collins, murkowski and Romney. I think there are about 10,000,000 republicans that are redeemable to the Patriot Party. Wow, you are at the bottom of the barrel to be interviewed by low life Lemon.

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