Joe Scarborough Urges Republican Candidates to Grow a Set


Joe Scarborough, host of the MSNBC show Morning Joe, a man considered the resident Republican on the network, issued a warning to the GOP — grow a set.

Scarborough took issue with Dr. Ben Carson’s assessment that a Muslim, bound by Sharia law, should not be considered for the office of the Presidency.

The host seemed to be upset with outsiders like Carson and Trump who are tapping into the reality that radical Islam is a danger to America. He challenged other candidates to denounce their comments.

“They like toughness,” he explained. “They like people who have balls!”

Watch Scarborough’s rant below …

via Mediaite:

Predicting Carson’s numbers will only rise after he said he does not believe a Muslim should be president of the United States, Scarborough said, “That’s a problem. It’s a problem until somebody strong in the Republican Party stands up and speaks out about it.”

“You have to stand up!” he continued. “This is another Sister Souljah moment. Stop being milquetoast, Republicans, to your base! They like toughness! They like people who have balls! They like people who fight back!”

As Mika Brzezinski squirmed beside him, Scarborough concluded, “Stop withering in the corner, or you’re going to end up like Scott Walker!”

The entire religious test is a completely fabricated media issue, as there are no Muslims currently running for the position of Commander-in-Chief.

Carson’s response however, is accurate.  A Muslim candidate should not be dismissed based on religion, but based on adherence to Sharia law which is incompatible with the laws set forth in the Constitution.

He stated specifically that if a Muslim “publicly rejected all the tenets of Sharia and lived a life consistent with that,” then there would be no issue with running for President.

So, Mr. Scarborough, the test isn’t religious in nature at all, it’s about the law of the land. Perhaps you’d do well to grow a set and do a little more research when spouting off about the good doctor.

Comment:  Who do you side with on this issue – Ben Carson or Joe Scarborough?

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