Joe Rogan Mocks Brian Stelter And ‘CNN Minus’ After Spectacular Demise Of CNN+

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan lambasted CNN and anchor Brian Stelter after the network announced the failed streaming service CNN+ - which he called CNN Minus - would be shuttered after just over four weeks.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan took another swing at one of his favorite punching bags – CNN’s Brian Stelter – after anchor Brian Stelter announced the left-wing company’s failed streaming service CNN+ would be shuttered after just over four weeks.

The New York Times reported on the shutdown, noting that CNN had poured “tens of millions of dollars” into an effort that was launched and celebrated as “an historic day” for the network on March 29th.

The Political Insider wrote in mid-April that CNN+ was struggling to attract more than 10,000 viewers per day and had reportedly caused Chris Wallace to suffer from “daily breakdowns.”

The Times called the shutdown “an ignominious end” to the effort.

Rogan, in an interview with British author Douglas Murray, couldn’t help but poke fun at CNN and their media monitor, Stelter.

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Joe Rogan Bashes Stelter and CNN+

Murray began the conversation by noting he doesn’t like to make fun of anybody’s physical appearance as a rule but … he then made an exception for Stelter who he surmised had to be about 56-years-old.

Stelter in reality is 36-years of age.

Murray noted that he “couldn’t stop laughing” about that fact and added, “everything about the guy is strange.”

“His pattern of communication is so strange,” Rogan interjected. “It’s like, do you listen to other people? They talk very differently from you.”

Murray and Rogan eventually delved into the demise of CNN+, laughing at the effort put forth by the network.

“They spent $300 million dollars and got 10,000 subscribers,” Rogan said. “Imagine the hubris of thinking that something people don’t want for free, you’re gonna charge money for it.”

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CNN Minus

Brian Stelter may have the body of a young man, but his mind seems to have betrayed him in the wake of the CNN+ debacle.

Stelter claimed that despite the failure of the streaming service to make it more than just a few weeks, it was really “too early to know” if CNN+ “was a success or a failure.”

Son, CNN+ was a failure long before it even launched because it was coming from a network that has been failing and flailing ever since Donald Trump left office.

Joe Rogan going after ‘CNN Minus’ might seem like punching down, but the podcast king has been relentlessly mocking the network and Stelter for quite some time.

Rogan ridiculed CNN this past summer for their ratings during the post-Trump era and called Stelter’s show out in particular, saying it’s “f***ing terrible.”

He went on to blast Stelter for fawning over White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki during an especially embarrassing interview around that time.

“How about Brian Stelter talking to the press secretary, ‘What are we doing wrong? What are we doing wrong?’” critiqued Rogan. “Like, hey motherf***er, you’re supposed to be a journalist.”

Rogan would later call Don Lemon a “dumb motherf*****” after the CNN anchor doubled down on criticism of him for using ivermectin.

And in reality, that’s being kind.

In his interview with Murray, Rogan also took a jab at CNN’s Jake Tapper, saying “he seems like a great guy,” but when it comes to CNN+, “I feel like I don’t have to pay for his book club.”