Senator Joe Manchin said he would vote against a bill supported by President Biden that would nationalize election laws because it includes ending the filibuster.

The announcement places H.R. 1, or the ‘For the People Act,’ a misnomer at best, on very shaky ground.

Manchin (D-WV) published an op-ed in the Charleston Gazette-Mail Sunday, explaining his opposition to the legislation which passed the House along straight party lines and awaits a vote in the Senate.

He noted that election-related legislation should not be blatantly partisan.

“I believe that partisan voting legislation will destroy the already weakening blinds of our democracy, and for that reason, I will vote against the For The People Act,” he wrote.

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Joe Manchin Won’t Vote For Election Bill

The Daily Mail reports that Joe Manchin’s vote in opposition to H.R. 1 “would kill its chances of passing.”

“The truth, I would argue, is that voting and election reform that is done in a partisan manner will all but ensure partisan divisions continue to deepen,” the West Virginia Democrat writes.

The legislation has been described by Hans von Spakovsky, an American attorney and a former member of the Federal Election Commission, as a federal takeover of elections.

“It would change election rules to make it easier to cheat and easier to manipulate election results,” von Spakovsky states.

Manchin goes on to write that his opposition to the bill hinges on an attempt by Democrats to eliminate the filibuster.

The filibuster is designed to prolong debate and delay or prevent a vote on a bill. Ending debate requires the agreement of three-fifths (60) of Senators, or in today’s Congressional makeup – 10 Republicans would have to join the majority party.

“I will not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster,” Manchin declared adding that his own party is trying “to demonize” it and are determined to “conveniently ignore how it has been critical to protecting the rights of Democrats in the past.”

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Progressives Furious With Manchin

Progressive extremists within the Democrat party are furious with Manchin for not supporting their efforts to eliminate the filibuster, something Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has accused the majority party of attempting to use to keep “Democrats in power for 100 years.”

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) called Manchin “the new Mitch McConnell” and said the Senator was “doing everything in his power to stop democracy.”

Democrats used the filibuster numerous times throughout former President Donald Trump’s tenure.

By Bowman’s own definition, they spent four years trying to ‘stop democracy.’

Axios reported Sunday that progressive anger with Manchin is boiling over and they are “threatening payback.”

Progressives, they write, are urging President Biden to “turn his bully pulpit against the most prominent Democratic senators standing in the way of filibuster reform” — Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

Biden, as he often does, is bending to the whim of the extremists in his party, recently lashing out at Manchin and Sinema during a commemoration of the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre.

Biden blasted Sinema and Manchin as “two members of the Senate who vote more with my Republican friends.”

The President recently put Kamala Harris in charge of expanding voter access through such methods as vote-by-mail and early voting, something they define as ‘protecting voting rights.’

They won’t rest until they have control of every aspect of every election in America. The Democrats’ comrades in Russia and China must be jealous of their efforts to take over elections and making a sham of democracy.


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