Jill Biden’s White House ‘Work Husband’ Accused Of Sexual Harassment – ‘Classic Me Too’

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Things are getting very messy for the First Lady Jill Biden as her top aide Anthony Bernal, who she reportedly refers to as her “work husband,” is being accused of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.

Jill’s ‘Work Husband’ In Hot Water

Last month, the New York Times reporter Katie Rogers wrote in her book “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden” that Jill relies heavily on Bernal.

“Jill and Bernal are, as Jill puts it, in a ‘work marriage,’ but his reach extends beyond the East Wing,” according to the book, according to The New York Post. Rogers added that Bernal is “known to make life hell for junior aides who find him to be impatient, demanding, and overbearing.”

“At times, people close to her question just how aware Jill is of her enforcer’s abrupt nature, but she is not unaware,” Rogers continued. “She has told people who have grown frustrated with him that they need to bring up their concerns with him directly.”

Multiple sources have since come forward to claim that Bernal, 50, shared a theory with them that the size of a person’s thumb corresponds to that of their genitalia .

“It is to make people uncomfortable and to have power over them,” one insider told The Post. “It is Me Too — classic Me Too.”

Another source alleged that Bernal  “often” speculates about the size of the genitalia of White House aides and Secret Service agents. A third insider recalled that during a workplace argument, Bernal took a “jab” at a colleague by claiming that he has a small penis. This source added that in another incident, Bernal “remarked on another staffer’s bulge in his khakis.”

“It was a lot of inappropriate remarks — talking about other people’s attractiveness and speculating about their sex lives at very weird moments,” this source said, adding that “that’s actually sexual harassment.”

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More Claims Against Bernal

Making matters even worse, four other sources are claiming that Bernal often speculates about the sexuality of his colleagues while working in the White House.

“I have heard him say inappropriate things about people’s sexuality or pry inappropriately into people’s personal lives,” one former co-worker recalled of Bernal, who is openly gay. “I heard him ask if people are gay all the time.”

“I could think of more than one instance where he pontificated on whether someone was gay or not or said, ‘They are definitely gay,'” stated another of the sources.

Some sources are saying that it is “hypocritical” of Joe Biden to allow Bernal to keep working in the White House after the president made a point of saying that he would fire aides “on the spot” if he hears that they have shown “disrespect” to people in the workplace.

“It reflects poorly on the president and the first lady,” one source said of Bernal’s behavior, with another adding, “They talk a big game about integrity, decency, and kindness but when you work for the Bidens, you experience anything but that.”

“They choose to surround themselves with bullies who run around the White House like mean girls, making the president and first lady look like phonies to everyone in Washington because everyone on the inside talks about what happens there on the outside,” this source continued.

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White House Responds – Stands By Bernal

Bernal’s closeness with Jill has made him be seen as “untouchable” by his colleagues.

“He’s seen as untouchable due to his relationship with the first lady,” one former White House official said. “Staff have been told he’s ‘protected’ by Jill or that they should take it up with him directly.”

Sure enough, the White House issued a statement on Monday defending Bernal.

“The president and first lady have full confidence in Anthony’s character, as do I,” said White House chief of staff Jeff Zients. “His many fans at the White House know him to be both gracious and tough, holding himself up to the highest standards, with a heart dedicated to public service. It is disappointing that he is the target of unfounded attacks from unnamed sources.”

Bernal also denied the allegations against him, saying “these unfounded attacks are not true.”

This all just goes to show how hypocritical liberals really are. They claim to be all about kindness and empathy, but behind closed doors, they are anything but that!

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