This year marks the 17th anniversary of the sudden death of John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn, and her sister Lauren in a plane crash off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

To mark the anniversary, NBC News highlighted a new documentary to air on HLN exploring the events that led up to the plane crash, and what Kennedy could have done to avoid crashing the plane that he piloted.

The National Transportation Board reports that Kennedy’s inexperience flying at night, coupled with poor weather, led to the plane losing control that fateful night. The official report claims “The pilot’s failure to maintain control of the airplane during a descent over water at night, which was a result of spatial disorientation. Factors in the accident were haze and the dark night.”

Last year, former Nixon adviser and Trump adviser Roger Stone raised some serious questions about Kennedy’s death, suggesting that the official story given by government officials is far from the truth.

Stone asserted that he has a “book coming up, in which I make the case that John F. Kennedy Jr. was murdered — and he was murdered by the Clintons, because he was in the way. Now, I have extraordinary new evidence that nobody else has seen.”

In a series of tweets last year, Stone teases his upcoming book and the evidence he alleges he has against Hillary Clinton.

Roger Stone has made some serious claims about the death of Kennedy, and if he has evidence to support his theory, it would throw a major wrench into the consensus about how JFK Jr. really died. Stone has had a decades-long career as a political insider who was privy to all sorts of information the public would never know.

At this point, Stone’s claims cannot be verified, and hopefully his upcoming book will help clarify the questions he has raised about the alleged “murder” of John F. Kennedy, Jr. by Hillary Clinton.

What do you think about Stone’s allegations? Do you think there is anything to his theory that the Clintons killed him to prevent him from running for the New York Senate against Hillary? Share your thoughts below!