Jesse Watters Mocks Man Over Viral Sweaty, Ranting ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Video

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Buckle up, kids. As Fox News host Jesse Watters warns, “Trump Derangement Syndrome is worse than ever.”

An unidentified man went viral on Wednesday when he posted a video of himself in a sweat-laden rage over the fact that former President Donald Trump gave a speech while standing in front of police officers.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a beauty.

The man in question, seemingly fresh off a workout, decided to step in front of a camera for reasons known only to himself.

“Are you kidding me, law enforcement?” he yells at the start of the clip. “Are you kidding me?”

The rage was inspired by Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, flanked by some local county sheriffs.

“Explicitly forbidden from being a partisan authoritarian police force,” he continues, spittle flying all asunder. “Standing on stage! Entirely unethical! Probably illegal!”

“Law enforcement has the f***ing gall to stand on stage with him?!”

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Trump Derangement Syndrome

You know how medical officials say there is this thing called ‘long COVID’ and it keeps lingering around for months on end? Well, this guy has ‘long Trump Derangement Syndrome’.

It seems rather obvious.

My guy, settle down. This man thinks you’re a little too amped up right now …

Fox News host Jesse Watters played the clip on his Wednesday evening broadcast. He pokes a little fun at our uber-caffeinated friend.

“Trump Derangement Syndrome,” he says. “It’s back.”

“Trump can’t stand on stage with cops now?” Watters asks. “Cops stand with politicians all the time.”

After pointing out multiple examples of past and current presidents speaking in front of law enforcement, Watters quips, “This dictator on day one hoax has really done a number on these people.”

That is an understatement. Quite obviously.


Trump derangement syndrome is WORSE than ever

♬ original sound – Jesse Watters

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A Great Ad For Decaf

Perhaps this man needs to check in with AOC’s therapist.

For all the media personalities out there that like to portray Trump fans as a ‘cult’, we give you a man who is what you would get if Keith Olbermann and Dash Dobrofsky were combined in a lab.

As conservative social media personality Catturd explains, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

One has to wonder if Olbermann was equally as apoplectic when President Biden stood in front of United States Marines and declared half the American people “a threat to this country.”

The video of Trump Derangement Karen currently has 1.5 million views on X alone.

And this should outrage him even more. A new poll evidently shows Trump leading Biden by nearly 5 points in the crucial swing state of Michigan.

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