Jen Psaki Says Any Discussion Of Biden Corruption While Trump Is Being Indicted Is A Putin-Like Tactic

Jen Psaki suggested any discussion of Hunter Biden's corrupt business dealings and the President's potential involvement while Trump is being indicted by the Department of Justice is something Putin would do.
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Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested any discussion of Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings and the President’s potential involvement in them while Donald Trump is being indicted by the Department of Justice is something Vladimir Putin would do.

You do understand what she’s saying here, correct?

Pointing out corruption and potential criminality in the White House is something dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin engage in. Not, you know, relentlessly pursuing, indicting, or jailing political opponents.

I’m not sure what color the sky is in Psaki’s world but it has to be a brilliant shade of non-blue.

Psaki, currently a host on the left-wing MSNBC network, summarized her thoughts in an analysis of former President Donald Trump’s third indictment and arraignment. She expressed disgust that the Biden family scandal is even a discussion at this point.

“There is no evidence of that, but they’re going to keep trying because that is the argument that they want to fuzzy the waters out there, muddy the waters, not fuzzy them, muddy the waters out there,” she said.

“That, by the way, is a tactic that Vladimir Putin and other authoritarian dictators use, but that’s their strategic objective, to make it all seem the same,” Psaki continued.

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Psaki: Not Allowed to Talk About Hunter Or You’re Just Like Putin

Up is down. Left is right. It’s Psaki’s world.

No, exposing the Biden family corruption isn’t Putin-like. Now, if you’ll give me a moment to put on my ushanka, I’d like to update you a bit on that corruption.

Devon Archer, a former associate of Hunter Biden’s, recently testified to Congress that President Joe Biden was put on speakerphone or met in person with his son’s business associates twenty times as a means to sell “the brand” and secure lucrative ventures.

Archer’s testimony also confirmed then-Vice President Biden met in 2014 with Russian billionaire Elena Baturina — the widow of the former mayor of Moscow — at a Georgetown café. Coincidentally, Baturina was left off Biden’s Russia sanctions last year.

Hunter, according to a New York Post report last year, received over $100 million in investment backing from Baturina, a billionaire Russian oligarch and wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

Contrary to Psaki’s claim, there are volumes of evidence in the form of emails, documents, whistleblower testimony, etc. that demonstrate epic levels of corruption.

But you can’t discuss any of that because – ZOMG! You’re jUsT LiKE pUtIN!

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Miss Misinformation

Do you know what might put a smile on the face of Putin? Jailing political opponents as a means to interfere in an election. Or, dishing out propaganda to the people as Psaki does. Or, telling people to ignore criminals because of their party affiliation.

Those all sound infinitely more Putin-esque.

Psaki was one of the first purveyors of misinformation regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop when she tried projecting with a suggestion that the whole thing was “Russian disinformation.”

She claimed the laptop, known by the FBI to be real from the onset, was actually a Russian plot.

Psaki’s tweet was a reference to the letter published by 51 former intelligence officials that we now know was false and simply a means to keep the spotlight off of their chosen candidate.

It worked. The story was suppressed by the media and Big Tech, keeping American voters in the dark and propelling President Biden to victory.

It’s enough to make Putin blush.

Psaki also spread lies about the Parental Rights in Education law in Florida, saying it makes her “completely crazy” because it’s “hurting” kids.

The legislation restricts teachers and school districts from giving classroom instruction on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in kindergarten through third grade. It protects kids.

But this was Psaki’s reaction …

And then there was the time Psaki helped spread fake news about migrants being “whipped” at the border, something she called “obviously horrific.”

An investigation concluded that the border patrol agents never whipped the migrants.

Psaki’s career is marked by several instances outlined above of her trying to “muddy the waters.”

Guess that makes her Putin’s puppet.

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