By PopZette Staff | August 12, 2019

Many people are still trying to wrap their brains around the circumstances of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein’s sudden and shocking death on Saturday morning in Manhattan.

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The apparent suicide is being investigated, and will be, likely for a long time to come.

Exact results of an autopsy conducted by the medical examiner’s office on Sunday are not yet released.

In the meantime, as questions (and theories) continue to circulate, it’s clear the sad story of Epstein will continue to be of interest to millions of people for quite some time.

Here are some of the key numbers associated with Epstein, courtesy of a number of sources, including Gothamist, Bloomberg, CBS News, Fox News, and others as noted.

66: Epstein’s age at the time of his death

14: the youngest age of the dozens of girls he was accused of abusing over the years

2002 to 2005: the years during which he supposedly committed those crimes

2: the number of counts he was charged with last month: one count of sex trafficking conspiracy and one count of sex trafficking with underage females (he pleaded not guilty)

6:30 a.m.: the approximate time on Saturday morning his body was found in his jail cell; after lifesaving measures were begun, he was taken to New York Downtown Hospital

$559 million: his estimated net worth

$77 million: the estimated worth of his townhouse on New York City’s Upper East Side

40: the number of rooms in his Upper East Side townhouse

$64 million: the estimated worth of his Caribbean island known as Little St. James

48: the number of loose diamonds found in his personal safe (as well as “piles of cash”)

over $200 million: the amount he reportedly made during his decade-plus position as a financial adviser for the retail tycoon Les Wexner, CEO of L Brands, according to The New York Times

15-37: the approximate number of vehicles Epstein owned

1: the number of siblings he had — the exact nature of his relationship with a brother, Mark Epstein, is unknown

0: the amount of surveillance footage available from inside his cell

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every 30 minutes: the interval at which guards were supposed to be checking on Epstein during his post-suicide watch status

0: the number of wives he had

0: the number of known children he had

multiple: the number of current investigations into his death

up to 45 years: the potential prison time he faced for the charges against him

years and years: the amount of time it could take to resolve his estate

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