Jeb Super PAC Tried To Attack Trump And Failed In A Very Un-American Way


Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, Right to Rise USA, released an ad attacking Donald Trump. The ad begins by showcasing Donald Trump as a pessimist with a dark opinion of the United States. Then it pivots to say that Jeb is the positive candidate who will tackle the challenges the country faces today.

Except Politico noticed a big problem in the ad. It uses stock photos from overseas.

The sun is rising over a field in Cornwall, England — a clip available for between $19 and $79 on Shutterstock.
The video also shows a clip of the silhouette of a construction worker with text on the screen that says “America is great” — stock footage that was taken from “a multiple story building in Southeast Asia,” according to the website Pond5. The HD version of the clip costs $35. And the kids heading off to school? You can download them from iStock with a subscription. According to iStock, the clip was shot by a firm called MonkeyBusiness, based out of the United Kingdom.

How do you think Donald Trump would respond to this ad? Please comment below.

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