Jaw-Dropping Videos Show Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Waiting To Be Processed In Texas

Jaw-dropping videos show a sea of illegal immigrants numbering in the thousands waiting to be 'processed' in Eagle Pass, Texas.
Screenshot: @VenturaReport X Video

Jaw-dropping videos posted to social media show a sea of illegal immigrants numbering in the thousands waiting to be “processed” in Eagle Pass, Texas on Monday.

Videos of the border crisis emerge on a nearly daily basis, but these perhaps capture the chaos in a way that others might not, simply in the size and scope of the crowd.

NewsNation national correspondent Jorge Ventura posted drone footage of what he describes as a “massive group of migrants” at the location.

“Federal officials are completely overwhelmed by the migrant surge that is non-stop here,” Ventura wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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More Video Of Illegal Immigrants Invading The Border In Eagle Pass, Texas

The Eagle Pass area has been one of the most active breaches in the border in America for quite some time. Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is often camped out there providing harrowing video of the ongoing invasion at the border.

He also posted some shocking video.

The footage “shows a mass of thousands of migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after they crossed illegally today,” Melugin wrote.

“I’ve spent hundreds of days there over the last 2+ years and I’ve never seen it like this,” he added.

Melugin went on to document a dispute between the Joe Biden administration and Union Pacific after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) temporarily shut down trains crossing the southern border from Mexico on Sunday.

CBP cited a “recent resurgence of smuggling organizations moving migrants through Mexico via freight trains.”

Union Pacific was not pleased with their actions.

Illegal immigrants have been using trains to cross into the United States for months now. The Political Insider reported on further video showing thousands of illegal immigrants lining train tracks in a desperate bid to hail a ride just hours from the border just last week.

Drone footage that aired on social media back in September showed hundreds of illegal aliens on top of trains heading to Eagle Pass.

ABC News reported at the time that roughly 5,000 illegal immigrants from Venezuela attempted to hop aboard trains near the central Mexican city of Irapuato.

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The Border Is An Active War Zone And Enemy Combatants Are Invading

These videos showing thousands of illegal immigrants waiting to be processed in Eagle Pass, Texas come within days of CBP sending out an internal memo warning their agents to be vigilant of potential IEDs.

Why? Because the Mexican military had already seized ten of them at the border.

An internal memo issued by CBP and obtained by Fox Business warned agents to “exercise extreme caution” and “report any possible armed subjects approaching the border with possible explosive devices.”

In the first 17 days of December, 167,000 illegal immigrants were encountered at the southern border — almost a 30 percent increase from the same period the month prior. Illegal daily crossings are consistently topping 10,000/day, not including thousands of “gotaways” who escape into this country each day.

The crisis is raging out of control to the point where even some Democrats have begun to take notice.

Others, like Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro (TX), smeared those who insist on securing America’s borders and ending the catastrophic humanitarian crisis Biden and his party have enabled by calling them “right-wing” racists.

Wanting a secure border to stop the relentless invasion from ill-intentioned illegal aliens is not racist. Allowing them to skirt the laws of a sovereign nation, however, is definitely anti-American.

Democrats certainly fit that bill.

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