Jason Aldean Dethroned Of Top Spot On The Country Music Chart By Blue-Collar Anthem ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’

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Last week, we reported on the viral sensation Oliver Anthony, who has become hugely popular among conservatives with his blue collar anthem “Rich Men North Of Richmond.”

Now, things have gotten even better for Anthony, as “Rich Men North of Richmond” has officially bumped the country music star Jason Aldean’s anti-woke anthem “Try That In A Small Town” from the top of the iTunes country music chart!

‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Hits Big

Fox News reported that after dropping on the Radio WV YouTube channel exactly one week ago, “Rich Men North of Richmond” has managed to outpace “Try That In A Small Town,” which has occupied the top spot on the country chart for weeks.

Anthony uses the lyrics of “Rich Men North Of Richmond” to slam high taxes and out of touch politicians who “just wanna have total control.” He then compares starving “people in the street” to “obese” freeloaders abusing the welfare system before lamenting the rising suicide rate among young American men.

“Well God, if you’re 5 foot 3 and you’re 300 pounds, taxes ought not to pay for your bags of fudge rounds,” Anthony sings. “Young men are putting themselves six feet in the ground, ’cause all this damn country does is keep on kicking them down.”

“These rich men north of Richmond / Lord knows they all just want to have total control / Wanna know what you think / Wanna know what you do / And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do,” he later adds. “Cause your dollar ain’t s***, and it’s taxed to no end / ‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond.”

The song has been viewed on YouTube over 15 million times at the time of this writing, and social media users have made it clear that they can’t get enough of it.

“I’m a 39 year old Iraq vet and Construction worker, struggling like a dog to take care of two kids and keep a farm going when I’m not working 11 hour days,” one user wrote. “This hit so hard today I had to stop my old peterbilt and tear up. Preach brother.”

Another user described the song as “an anthem for 80+ million Americans who have been smeared, ignored, mocked, slandered, and robbed by their own government.”

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Anthony’s History 

Conservative influencer Jason Howerton took to Twitter to tell the world more about Anthony’s background, explaining what exactly led him to write this song..

“In the past, Oliver was struggling with mental health & coping with alcohol. In depths of despair, just about a month ago, Oliver got to his knees & broke down in tears,” Howerton wrote. “Though he’s wasn’t a religious man, that night he promised God to get sober if he helped him follow his dream.”

“Oliver was about 30 days sober when someone reached out & asked him to come record a song for his YouTube channel,” he added. “That song was ‘Rich Men North of Richmond.’ Within days, the song was going VIRAL on social media.”

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‘Try That In A Small Town’

As for Aldean, his anti-woke anthem “Try That In A Small Town” continues to be a massive success. That song resonated with conservatives as well, as he used it to point out that much of the nonsense that is currently happening in liberal-run cities across the country simply would not fly in America’s small towns.

In the end, it says it all that these two political anthem are topping the country music chart on iTunes right now. Liberals may have the loudest voices at times, but there is a silent majority in this country that has truly had enough, and the left shouldn’t be surprised if this comes back to bite them during next year’s election cycle.

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