James Woods Rips Elon Musk As A ‘Greedy Capitalist’ As The Two Battle Over Censorship

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The actor James Woods, who is known for being one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, is feuding with Elon Musk online over censorship on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.

Musk Wants To Get Rid Of ‘Block’ Feature

It all started when Musk, the owner of X, announced that he is trying to remove the “block” feature on the site that was known as Twitter for years. Fox News reported that this “block” feature “allows accounts to prevent themselves from seeing and interacting with specific accounts and keeps those accounts from engaging with them.”

“Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature,’ except for DMs,” Musk announced on Friday, later adding that he feels that this function “makes no sense.”

It appears that Musk sees the “block” feature as just another piece of internet censorship.

This did not sit well with Woods, however, and he was quick to explain why the “block” feature is so important to him.

“In the midst of a libel suit I was targeted by thirty trolls the defendant enlisted to harass me,” Woods said. “X will be untenable for people like me, who are willing to share their identities. If he does this, I will have no choice but to retire from this site.”

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Woods Calls Out Musk – Musk Fires Back

In a follow-up post, Woods shifted to calling out Musk directly.

“If @elonmusk removes the ability to block concerted harassment by trolls or organized political entities, how will ‘X’ be any different from Jack Dorsey’s horrid Twitter?” Woods questioned. “Musk, whom I once championed, is only doing this to protect his advertisers anyway.”

“Users of X are mere pawns to turn the site into an electronic shopping mall,” he explained. “The man I thought was a defender of free speech is just another greedy capitalist. Disappointing, but not surprising.”

It seems that this hit a nerve with Musk, who offered a blunt four word response.

“Then delete your account,” he wrote.

Woods responded by posting a screenshot indicating that Musk has blocked him.

“You prerogative, sir, which is exactly my point,” Woods wrote. “Have a nice day.”

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Woods then thanked his fans for their support while also revealing that he’s decided to never leave the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

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“I’ve received such astonishing support from all of you, I’m truly humbled,” he wrote. “The recurring theme in your many heartfelt DM’s was a fear that I would leave X. I’ve have now decided I will never leave, and will only ever be silent when they find an excuse to remove my account.”

Others Agree With Woods

It should be noted that Woods is far from the only conservative personality who took issue with Musk’s plans to get rid of the “block” feature.

“Blocking is one of the most important features on this site,” said conservative commentator Buck Sexton. “Otherwise, it just turns into an echo chamber of harassment from the most vile idiots.”

“Worst idea ever,” added conservative activist Billboard Chris. “Those who talk about controversial subjects will be flooded with trolls whose sole intent is to start fights and spread false info. My replies should not be a platform for haters and liars, never mind the ones who will dox.”

“Considering the reporting process through X is still dreadful, this is the least intelligent move you’ve made,” he continued.

Whether you agree with Woods or with Musk when it comes to the “block” feature, it’s still surprising to see these two men feuding, given the fact that they are two of the only public figures who have had the guts to go against the left publicly on various issues in recent years.

Only time will tell if Musk actually ever does get rid of the “block” feature on X, and what impact this would have if he does so.

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