Sad news out of the sports world today: Boxing legend Jake LaMotta has died at age 95 from pneumonia.

LaMotta was once the world middleweight champion and had the nickname “Bronx Bull.” He was most well-known for his portrayal by Robert De Niro in the classic Martin Scorsese film “Raging Bull.”

A native of New York City, LaMotta lived a tumultuous life. He began his boxing career at age 19 and ended with a 83-19-4 record, including 30 knockouts. LaMotta was welcomed into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

Make sure you check out the classic clip from “Raging Bull” where LaMotta beats his real-life arch-rival Sugar Ray:

Fans lamented LaMotta’s death over Twitter:

LaMotta, despite his controversial personal life, was an American icon for a time. He literally fought his way up from the New York City streets to be a world champion. Don’t expect liberals to celebrate him though. The left hates boxing, and any physical sport for that matter. That’s even more of a reason to celebrate LaMotta’s life and achievement.

Rest in peace, Bronx Bull. You’ve earned it.

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