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Ivanka Trump Just Revealed Her and Jared Kushner’s Secret Talent: Matchmaking

Credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

On Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, Ivanka Trump appeared to discuss President Donald Trump’s tax plan. But during the conversation, she revealed a secret that no one expected: She and her husband Jared Kushner are extraordinarily talented at setting people up for relationships.

Ivanka explained, “People don’t realize it’s our hidden skill… we’re matchmakers.”

And the numbers prove it! Ivanka went on: “Seven marriages, zero divorces. Hopefully, God-willing that continues.”

This revelation happened during Hannity’s interview after the host noted that he tried to set up one of Ivanka’s assistants.

As Hannity explained, “You have an assistant, or somebody who works for you in PR. Go ahead you can tell everyone.”

Ivanka noted that Hannity was “almost successful” and that’s when she found out about Hannity’s former online dating website, Hannidate, where he tried to make matches among conservative “great Americans.”

The site didn’t last long, but Hannity said he used it during book signing events to encourage couples to get engaged.

Watch the clip here (below). This is wonderful!

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