IT’S A FIRST: What This Judge Is Allowing to Be Served Through Social Media



At least one Facebook user has received an “un-friend” action from his ex-wife and her attorney that he will not forget.

On Monday, a judge in New York permitted a woman to serve divorce papers through the social media platform Facebook in what the attorney says is a first for the state. See the video below.

Ellanora Baidoo (above) of Brooklyn wanted a divorce from a man she married in a New York civil ceremony in 2009. Her attorney Andrew Spinnell said the husband, for unknown reasons, had reneged on his promise to follow the civil ceremony with a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony. Baidoo wanted the divorce, but she and her attorney have been unable to locate him for the past several months, except for his Facebook page and a phone number.

I can agree with the way this has been done for this particular case but I think the law needs to be changed on what constitutes service. Never having lived together, not being supported in any way and continually having no word from the other party or the unwillingness to make oneself available for service should, perhaps, be changed instead to a time frame…almost a statute of limitations! I’m actually shocked the marriage hasn’t been annulled for more reasons than the obvious! I realize other measures have drawbacks but no one should have to live in this way for an undetermined amount of time.

This is a can of worms many could come to fear now that it’s opened. This may be a very unusual and special case but I’ll be interested to see where it leads us.

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H/T: Boston.cbslocal

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