Iowa Grandmother Drops Truth Bomb Behind Concerns Over Biden’s Potential Second Term

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Recently, Fox and Friends hosted one of their fan-favorite diner-style segments where they ask questions on politics to regular everyday Americans. This time, the event was at a restaurant in the highly watched campaign stop in Iowa.

The affable Ainsley Earhardt went about the diner asking voters what concerns them the most leading into this next Presidential campaign season. It was an elderly woman who gave the most surprising yet truthful and interesting answer yet.

It wasn’t the economy that worried this kindly grandmother or foreign policy, no – those weren’t at the forefront of her mind. What concerned her the most was far more personal, and her relatability to the President made her answer both devastatingly on target and sad. 

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Shame on You, Jill

Fox and Friends anchor Ainsley Earhardt approached a diner in Iowa named Donna, asking her “What issues are concerning you? Is it the economy?”

However, Donna, who clearly is a woman of her own mind, answered, “Actually, no.”

“For me, one of the things that bothers me is I’m five days younger than the President,” she continued. “I gimp, my walk has a gimp. I forget things once in a while.”

Donna paints an understandably sympathetic picture of basically every grandparent in America. At some point, we all will have less pep in our step and occasionally forget things. But what comes next is the setting up of perhaps the best and most respectful takedown of the First Lady

“I feel he has been put out before people and being made fun of all the time. And I would hope to think that my family would not do that to me.” She added that “I feel that Jill Biden should be…feel very badly for what she’s doing.”

She should feel very badly, and I’ll go ahead and go out on a limb here, Donna, and finish what might’ve actually been on your mind – Jill Biden should be ashamed of what she’s doing to her husband.

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Not a Fine Wine

Donna’s takedown of the President’s wife is refreshing to hear. Plenty of conservative talking heads opine about the age of the President and how the staffers around him are over managing the President.

But until Donna, I have yet to hear much about the culpability of those closest to the President, the ones who know him best and who should love him the most. Time is a real pain in the ass, it comes after all of us, and there is no way to escape its pernicious grasp on our mortal coil.

That’s why it’s important for those closest to us to know when to tell us it’s time to slow down, step down, and acknowledge that time has taken the upper hand, as it has for the President. So what does it say about a spouse, a family, and friends who are unwilling to do this ever-so-important exercise in love and compassion?

Is it possible that Jill and the family are too weak to do the hard thing and let Joe know it’s time to stop? Maybe, dealing with my aging parents, I could relate to the difficult task of looking your loved ones in the eyes and saying bluntly that age has caught up to them.

But my money, and I would argue Joe Biden’s money, is on the fact that Jill and company don’t care, that they love that sweet power they garner from being in Uncle Joe’s orbit.

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The Great Rally

The question of President Biden’s age isn’t new. Thanks to two recent surveys by the Associated Press-NORC and The Wall Street Journal, it has gained some steam.

The AP-NORC survey conducted last month found that 77% of voters believe the President is too old to be effective for a second term, which included a whopping 69% of Democrats. The Wall Street Journal survey revealed that only 36% of voters consider the President “mentally up for the job.”

Naturally, the media Biden sympathizers countered with ridiculous articles to explain to the everyday American how wrong they are to be concerned about the octogenarian. The New York Times came to his rescue with a piece by Frank Bruni titled ‘Trump is Really Old, Too.’

Astute observation, Mr. Bruni. He went on to point to the former President and leading GOP candidate’s weight and diet as evidence that he’s in worse condition than Biden to run the country.

The best part of the piece, though, was when Mr. Bruni blamed other old people in politics for Americans questioning Joe Biden’s mental acuity, saying “We should also bear in mind that all the hints of Biden’s feebleness are amplified by a larger narrative of older politicians clinging to power despite their obvious physical deterioration.”

That’s right, shame on you, Diane Feinstein (90), Nancy Pelosi (83), and Mitch McConnell (81) for staying past your prime. It’s your fault that Americans doubt Joe Biden can be an effective Commander-in-Chief, not that he sometimes doesn’t know what world leader he speaks to at any given time.


Same Old, same Old

I have no doubt this will infuriate some of the older readers out there, but the truth is, when we get older, we lose our sharpness. Whether you like it or not, when you become part of the senior citizen demographic, your body and mind begin their required trek toward the end of the journey. 

Don’t take this 40-year-old’s word for it however; trust Donna – she knows what it’s like to get older, and I hope her family does take good care of her. I hope her family does what they can to keep her safe and secure and not use her voyage we will all take at the end of our lives as a comedic punchline or a means to an end. 

It’s not funny that our President trips, mumbles, and forgets where he is or who he is talking to. Besides the obvious danger of having the single most powerful person in the world unable to function cognitively, it’s just plain sad. 

However, it’s not just Jill Biden’s fault that he’s in this position; it’s our fault. President Biden recently said at an event in Philadelphia:

“I tell you what, someone said, you know, that Biden he’s getting old, man. I tell you what. Well, guess what – guess what, I – you know, the only thing that comes with age is a little bit of wisdom. I’ve been – I’ve been doing this longer than anybody and, I – guess what, I’m gonna continue to do it with your help.”

He’s not wrong. We are all to blame for the gerontocracy that runs our government – because we are the ones who keep voting them into power. Shame on us.

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