On Easter Sunday an intruder bursted into the house Greg Silvery, a disabled Army veteran, while he and his family were asleep. Silvery said the intruder was trying to get into the house through the front door and his son was trying to stop him. The veteran, in his birthday suit, punched the intruder square in the face with “all he had.”

Source: Fox News

“My naked behind is coming and then my youngest son has a big cook knife behind me,” said Army veteran, Greg Silvery.  “We are looking at the guy, first he was trying to punch to get in, now he is trying to push to get away.”

Greg Silvery said he rushed out of his bedroom after hearing his son scream for help. When he came out he saw one of his sons trying to push the front door closed as a man was trying to get in. The 6’3, 340 pound disabled Army veteran said he gave it all he had and punched the intruder in the face.

“I saw his eyes roll back and he hit that and he fell back,” said Greg.


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That intruder got away but he took a huge blast to the face which will definitely bring on on headaches for the next few days. Disabled vets are nothing to play with. They might even be more dangerous than regular veterans due to heightened senses.

What a huge defend for Greg! I salute you sir in taking care of your family.

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