Liberals have lost their collective minds over the fact that Donald Trump is now President-Elect of the United States.

Protests have broken out in cities across the country, with liberals disrupting traffic, chanting anti-Trump slogans, and some ending up in handcuffs. Some were so distraught they compared Trump’s election to 9/11, the day over 3,000 people were killed by terrorists.

It’s pure insanity. But, liberals will tell you, the protests have been mostly peaceful.

Not exactly. Imagine if you will, a protester at a pro-Trump rally, or a Tea Party rally in the days of yore, advocating for violence on a live television broadcast. The entire movement would be branded as violent. Every conservative would be painted with the broad brush of being an extremist.

So what should we make of this anti-Trump liberal telling CNN that “people have to die” in order to stop the president-elect’s immigration policies.

Via IJR:

Donald Trump has only been president-elect for one day. Yet, that hasn’t stopped tens of thousands of people from filling the streets to voice their anger about his victory.

Taking a page from the Black Lives Matter playbook, they’re blocking the roads and shutting down freeways.

On Wednesday night, CNN covered the massive protests and interviewed one of its attendees. She had a grim message for the camera:

She said, “We can’t just do rallies. We have to fight back. There will be casualties on both sides.”

Then, she made a terribly disturbing suggestion about what might happen because Trump won the White House.

This is pure insanity. The woman flat-out threatens to kill people, saying “people have to die” and “there will be casualties,” and the CNN reporter follows up about her alleged concerns about illegal immigrants being deported.

Whatever happened to ‘if you see something, say something?’ She just made a violent threat. Contact the authorities.

CNN ran a segment recently in which a Trump fan predicted the violent liberals would “kill him (Trump)” if he gets elected, which was immediately followed by a Clinton supporter promising “blood in the streets” if he were to win.

If you see violence during these protests or someone making threats, report it to the authorities. Don’t take any chances.

Comment: Are Clinton supporters advocating for violence against Trump and his fans? Do you think it should be taken seriously? Share your thoughts below.

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