If You Thought 2020 Was “Great” For Republicans, You’ve Lost The Battle Already!

2020 election results

Can we please quit treating the election results like some sweeping GOP victory simply because the Republican Party did a little better than some talking heads/pollsters thought it would?

If your team goes to the Super Bowl and Vegas says you are a 20-point underdog, but then the team only loses by three points, do you throw a big parade and high-five everybody for the great moral victory you had?

NO. You still lost.

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Was 2020 A HUGE Win For The GOP?

If anybody thinks that Republicans shaving numbers off of Democrat majorities without claiming the majority will matter if Pres. Trump loses the Presidency, they’re fooling themselves.

Democrats have demonstrated their governing philosophy: it’s fair when they do it.

Their way is the only way, and they’ll do anything to win.

If they hold majorities, even by the slimmest of margins, they will write or rewrite the rules to make the minority have no voice.

They will then also attack the minority, abuse them, and try to bully them into confessing any sins they feel like projecting onto them to make the pain stop.

[CNN] With just a handful of races still uncalled at this point, Republicans have gained nine seats — having won 12 Democratic-held districts and lost just three of their own. And those numbers don’t even tell the full story, given that two of the three seats Republicans lost were the direct result of a redrawing of North Carolina’s congressional districts that reworked the map in ways that were decidedly unfavorable to the GOP. Subtract those two seats, which neither party spent any money in or seriously contested, and you are down to a single competitive seat that went from red to blue: The suburban Atlanta 7th District.

We can’t fall back on our laurels and think that everything is going to fall in our favor for 2022 and 2024. The fight isn’t over.

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Time To Wake Up To Reality

In case y’all haven’t noticed, the Democrats are still in charge of the House. All 435 seats were up, and the other side still won a majority.

Yes, it’s closer, but we’re still on the losing side. And if you will look closely, you will see that a lot of those seats the Republicans “flipped” were nothing more than traditional GOP seats lost in 2018.

We got them back; we didn’t really make inroads anywhere else.

No matter what, we lost a Senate seat, and even if we keep a bare majority after the runoffs in Georgia, will it really matter as long as there are squishes like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who can’t wait to “get along” with the other side?

And, OK, Pres. Trump got 73 million votes, that’s great. I keep hearing about all the votes he got.

But have we all forgotten that the other guy got a whole lot more? Even if two million Joe Biden votes were fake, which wouldn’t surprise anybody, a guy who never left his basement still got three or four million more votes than our guy.

Doesn’t that bother you?

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If you haven’t noticed, the gap keeps getting bigger every four years. So it’s California, so what?

Those votes still count, especially when a bunch of them move to Georgia.

I’m not trying to be a downer; I just don’t understand all this unbridled joy I keep hearing from talking heads like Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, who are all thrilled there wasn’t a “blue wave.”

Agreed, but there wasn’t a “red wave,” either. If there were, we wouldn’t be sweating out Georgia right now.

Actually, considering that all the enthusiasm was on our side, the GOP didn’t do better than it did is actually a reason for concern.


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