Hypocrisy at Its Finest: You Won’t Believe These Quotes from MSNBC Tax Cheats! (VIDEO)



Last week we learned that MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband are in trouble with the IRS, owing $70,000 in back taxes. But she isn’t the only one at MSNBC who’s “not paying their fair share,” a frequent class envy-stoking refrain from the Left.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, Touré, and Joy Reid join her as MSNBC contributors who owe thousands, according to The Washington Free Beacon which produced a video mash up of these tax cheats ranting hypocritically.

In the video, Harris-Perry is shown giving a monologue in which she waxes poetic about her belief in the beautiful “democratic spirit” of us all paying taxes together joyfully, hand in hand:

“Taxes are how we all do our part, but that’s part of the problem, not everyone does seem to be paying their dues. …

“The thing that carries me through the mid-April tax madness is, honestly, a democratic spirit, the belief that we’re all in it together. …

Paying into the collective pot is part of our duty as citizens.”

But she did leave a clue as to why she may not be paying her own taxes:

“When I am poring over my paperwork, it doesn’t make it any easier to know that my wealthy neighbor isn’t taking responsibility. If they don’t pay, why should I, right?”

Maybe Harris-Perry decided it just isn’t fair for her to have to pay her responsibility because she perceives others aren’t and that’s why she has a tax lien filed against her.

The fact that these TV personalities can’t pay their own taxes should be a signal to them that taxes are too high and that raising taxes on the rich would further hurt people like themselves (they are, after all, far richer than the average American).

Watch these MSNBC hosts rant against tax cuts for the rich, “the makers and the takers,” and paying taxes all in the name of patriotic duty:

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