Hunter Biden To Speak At DNC Before His Dad’s Nomination

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, is set to speak at the Democrat National Convention on Thursday before Biden accepts the presidential nomination.

Hunter And Sister To Take Virtual Stage On Thursday

Hunter Biden is set to take to the virtual DNC stage with his half-sister, Ashley Biden, just before his dad accepts the Democratic nomination for president.

Hunter and his sister’s address will be the penultimate address before the end of the DNC, which has already been marred with controversy, including delegates removing the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and airing a selectively edited video of President Trump making it seem like he referred to immigrant children as “animals.”

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Serious Allegations

However, the address by Hunter Biden may be one of the most controversial moments of the entire DNC so far, due to allegations that claim he has a crooked past.

The President highlighted some of these allegations in a recent attack ad against Biden, including noting that Biden has an equity stake in a company that had taken over a billion and a half dollars in loans from the Chinese government.

Other allegations against Hunter Biden include his links to the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, of which he was a board member. Senator Ron Johnson announced back in March his plans to subpoena a consulting firm that could show a possible conflict of interest in that related case.

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What Would Happen If Biden Wins In November?

One thing that is clear, is that Hunter Biden’s foreign trips cost the Secret Service almost $200,000. Hunter’s trips, supposedly under his role as the chairman of World Food Program USA, were to 10 different countries, including South Africa, China, and Qatar, with bills being recorded as payable to a “miscellaneous foreign contractor” or “miscellaneous foreign awardee.”

Sean Moulton, a senior policy analyst with the Project on Government Oversight, said the database is very much incomplete, noting that many details will be withheld by the Secret Service for “security reasons,” and that it is impossible to know exactly why Hunter Biden’s foreign trips cost so much.

The classification of the bills as “miscellaneous” showed a “frustrating lack of transparency” from the Secret Service, Moulton said.

I wonder what would happen to Hunter’s income if his dad wins in November…