The Democratic National Convention (DNC) aired selectively edited video Wednesday evening which attempted to show President Trump calling immigrant children “animals.”

The video shows children of illegal immigrants in detention centers with a child’s voiceover stating, “Some of those kids are now orphans because of you (Trump).”

A melodramatic child thinking that is one thing, but you’d think the adults in the room would be able to understand any children separated from their families were due to their law-breaking parents or the adults who used them as shields to get into the country.

But I digress.

Following that comment, three videos were spliced together showing President Trump making various campaign comments.

“These aren’t people,” Trump says. “I don’t want them in our country. They’re animals.”

The reality is Trump was referring to a very specific group of people when he made each of these comments.

The following video from the Daily Caller shows the spliced DNC video and the actual clips of the President’s comments with further context.

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That video is a fake news dream that even CNN might blush at the thought of airing.

The notion that President Trump called immigrants or asylum seekers “animals” has been debunked several times over, with Politifact rating it flat-out “false” and Snopes calling it “inaccurate.”

“His ‘animals’ comment came nearly a year ago during a White House discussion on MS-13 gang members,” Politifact reported. “Trump did refer to some people as ‘animals,’ but that was during an exchange about MS-13 gang members. His comment wasn’t directly about asylum seekers.”

“Trump said no such thing about asylum seekers,” Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner wrote. “He was speaking specifically about members of the brutal, barbaric Salvadoran gang MS-13, which is known for hacking its enemies to death with machetes.

Even the Associated Press was forced to delete a tweet with a similarly false insinuation “because it wasn’t made clear that he was speaking after a comment about gang members.”

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Americans Agree With Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment

Several prominent Democrats and media members at the time of President Trump’s comments shockingly came out and defended the MS-13 gang members.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually responded by citing her faith when it comes to addressing such violent illegal immigrants.

The “more the administration acts in [a] shameful way, not consistent with our faith, with our belief that every person has — has dignity and worth, that every person has a spark of divinity within them that we need to respect,” she preached.

“And that we have that spark of divinity that we need to act upon.”

“Trump referring to human beings as ‘animals’ is the same dehumanization tactic used by slave traders and slave owners to justify the oppression of black people for hundreds of years,” CNN commentator Keith Boykin chimed in.

Even knowing full-well the lie has been debunked, Beto O’Rourke, a dumber male version of AOC who Joe Biden has promised will have a featured role in his administration, continued to peddle it … last night!

Most Americans, fortunately, don’t fall for the fake news media any longer. And as it turns out, most Americans actually side with President Trump on his “animals” comment – the real one.

“Fifty-six percent of American adults in the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll said referring to members of the gang as ‘animals’ is fair, compared to 44 percent who said the characterization was unfair,” The Hill noted at the time. “A slimmer majority, 52 percent, added that comments that ‘dehumanize’ members of MS-13 are acceptable.”

Huh. Guess they don’t view these violent imports with that same ‘spark of divinity.’

Americans will probably also be pleased to know that Trump is taking action against those “animals,” with ICE announcing numerous arrests of MS-13 gang members in July.