This HUGE Ally Just Abandoned Obama’s Incoherent Syria Policy, And He Never Saw It Coming!

David Cameron

In a sudden blow to President Barack Obama’s plans, British Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly has dropped plans for a parliamentary vote on extending anti-ISIS airstrikes to Syria.

Another diplomatic faceplant by the most abysmal president ever!

Doesn’t it seem like everything Obama touches falls apart, especially on the world stage? At home, he owns our tepid economy, and his statistics about job creation and unemployment are childishly-clear LIES! Include the way he has disrespected our police and military and how he has made hatred amongst our peoples a science, as well as all the criminal scandals and here we see the face of a FAILED PRESIDENCY!!

A Foreign Affairs Committee report issued Tuesday also urged Cameron not to join the airstrikes unless there was a “coherent international strategy” that can realistically defeat ISIS.

“In the absence of such a strategy, taking action to meet the desire to do something is still incoherent,” the report said.

Just how bad is this decision by Cameron? Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom wasn’t discreet with this quote:

“This is without a doubt a huge blow to the U.S.-led international coalition in Iraq and Syria,” Gardiner said. “Although Britain will continue to play a role in terms of airstrikes in Iraq, Syria is really emerging as the main battleground and so the British move significantly undermines the U.S. position and makes it far harder to build a powerful U.S.-led coalition for military action inside Syria.”


David Cameron

Obama was first elected because he offered “Hope and Change.” People saw him as being outside of the beltway. That is why Bernie Sanders (a socialist), Trump, and Dr. Ben Carson are doing as well as they are. I think people are simply tired of career politicians and see the need for a drastic change.

All intelligent people, patriotic people, and moral people in our great America see this and will not vote for any democrat at any level in 2016.

Where will Obama go now? What will he do and who will he turn to? He’s angered a few allies ad friended America’s enemies. Share your comment below and add this story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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