Honduran President Claims Leftists, Venezuela Behind Migrant Caravan

In a previous article, we speculated that the now 7,000+ member strong migrant caravan marching through Central America towards the U.S.-Mexico border could be politically organized. As we pointed out, not only are many of the migrants repeating rehearsed answers when questioned by the media as to their motives, there are also migrants from India, Bangladesh, and Africa among the Hondurans (and other Central American migrants). Now, the President of Honduras has apparently admitted that the caravan is the creation of left-wing groups in Honduras, and financed by the socialist government of Venezuela.

While speaking with “Washington Post Live,” VP Mike Pence insisted that Middle Easterners were among the migrants by stating that it’s “inconceivable that there are not people of Middle Eastern descent.” He was doubling down on previous comments made by President Trump, that there were “Middle Eastern” people in the caravan.  That comment from Pence is what the Post chose to focus on, rather than what he said elsewhere in the speech; that the President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez told him that the caravan was organized by left-wing groups in Honduras, and funded by Venezuela. That’s an incredible detail receiving virtually no media attention.

Watch below (relevant part begins at 1:02):

Even in a world where the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds in the past year, their government would rather spend money on an attempted invasion at the U.S.-Mexico border rather than give up on socialism and rebuild their failing country.

There’s also speculation as to whether any migrants are receiving assistance with travel. Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez said that a Honduran citizen died falling off a truck that was traveling with the caravan.

While the media likes to show us photos of the migrants all walking, it would make sense that at least some migrants are receiving transportation assistance. It would take the caravan months to reach the U.S. by foot.

As Tara LaRosa pointed out, the Appalachian Trail in America is 2,181 miles long, and generally takes 5-7 months to trek, which is comparable to the distance the migrants could have to traverse if they seek asylum at the California border. If they try to enter in Texas, it’s still over 1,100 miles.

While we lack any specifics as to what left-wing Honduran groups could be behind organizing the caravan, they and Venezuela have only managed a political stunt that will make people more likely to support President Donald Trump’s strict attitudes towards immigration. After the midterms, Republicans will probably be thanking them.

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