Hillary Won’t Give Answers About Her Emails But She Will Tell Us About Her Beauty Routine

Hillary Clinton participated in a Facebook chat on Monday. As reported by The Daily Caller, the questions weren’t very hard hitting. Typical of the campaign, which has sheltered Hillary from questions of real value, these questions came from supporters and some in the mainstream media. The former Secretary of State, known for her missing emails and Benghazi, was asked about Black Lives Matter, capital gains tax. and her favorite pant suit.

There was one question that stuck out more than the others. According to The Hill, Hillary was asked about the challenge of her daily hair and makeup routine.

“Every morning, as my boyfriend zips out the door and I spent 30+ minutes getting ready, I wonder about how the ‘hair and makeup’ tax affects other women,” one Facebook user, Libby Britain, said in a message to Clinton. Britain added, “as a young professional woman, I’d genuinely love to hear about how you manage getting ready each morning.

Clinton replied, “Amen sister — you’re preaching to the choir. It’s a daily challenge. I do the best I can — and as you may have noticed, some days are better than others!”

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in a bubble. She is walled off from any serious questions as she struggles to make herself look more relatable to average voters. But how average can she be when she has hair stylists and makeup artists at her disposal and she doesn’t even mention that? It was an odd question for a woman who complains about the objectivity of women to answer.

What beauty tips would you give Hillary Clinton? Please comment below.

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