Several major bombshell stories have broken in the last 24 hours involving the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play scheme operated at the Clinton Foundation.

The Wall Street Journal discovered that five separate FBI field offices were investigating the foundation, but were being stonewalled by Obama’s Justice Department.

CNN reported that the DOJ had been putting up “roadblocks” that “are politically-driven” and preventing the FBI from using additional tools to expand their investigation.

And Fox News revealed that agents working on the Clinton Foundation case are treating it as a “very high priority,” have “interviewed and re-interviewed” witnesses, that agents “had collected a great deal of evidence,” and that an indictment is “likely” in the case.

The Clinton Foundation responded to those reports by denying they knew anything about the investigations. They issued a statement which reads:


Unfortunately for them, reality says something completely different. In fact, a Wikileaks release on this very same day shows the Clinton campaign knew they were under investigation at least back in February.

In an email titled “Clinton Foundation Update: Progress in 2015,” a Washington Post reporter wrote to the foundation asking questions pertaining to the fact “that the Clinton Foundation received a subpeona from the State IG requesting documents and document preservation.”



Oops. Well, there goes that denial.

While the foundation’s response according to the email was – “They will not be responding to this” – the message is forwarded on to numerous foundation members, and onto Hillary’s campaign, including to campaign manager, John Podesta.

So while they may want to pretend they had no idea there was an ongoing investigation, this email proves they did, and they knew about it long before the public did.


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