New video released by the Associated Press appears to show Hillary Clinton – already dogged by questions pertaining to her health – reaching for any and every object she can find in order to steady herself.

Clinton was visiting the boyhood home of vice-president Joe Biden where outside she greeted people with one arm while the other clutched a railing.

Once inside, she propped herself up using a table, and later a chair.

The visit to Biden’s childhood home and thus the video were taken mere hours after Clinton nearly stumbled off a podium at a campaign rally.

Via the American Mirror:

Hillary Clinton sought out the stability of just about anything during a visit to Joe Biden’s Scranton, Pennsylvania boyhood home.

Video from Clinton’s appearance showed her grasping for a railing, a chair and the kitchen table on Monday.

Standing outside the home, Clinton embraced the owner with one arm while holding onto the railing on the front walk. Moments later, she pivoted — and grabbed the railing with the other hand.

Then she pivoted back, only to reach for the railing again with the other hand.

Inside the house, she held onto a chair and moved to lean on the kitchen table.

Watch the video below …

The video comes as news has broken that Hillary has been taking weekends off, and more photos have surfaced showing aides helping Clinton stand during campaign events and walking up stairs.

If this continued effort to prop Clinton up via inanimate objects or her aides continues, she could star in her own movie, Weekend at Hillary’s …


Earlier this month, the Political Insider analyzed the capacity of Hillary to successfully serve in the role of President of the United States with so many questionable health issues – including multiple falls, multiple coughing fits, e-mails from staff saying she’s “often confused,” constant sleeping, and excessive lying, all of which point to some sort of mental and physical health problems.

Comment: Do you think Hillary has some health problems that need to be addressed? Or is this much ado about nothing? Share your thoughts below.