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Viewers Noticed Something As Hillary Clinton Stepped Off The Podium…


Hillary Clinton, during a campaign stop in Scranton, PA, almost had a serious fall as she stepped down on the podium.

She was trying to make room for Vice President Joe Biden and almost took a spill before VP Biden caught her arm. But this time, the hug was brief, instead of their infamous 20-second long hug at a Pennsylvania airport.

This stumble comes as numerous media outlets have raised questions about Hillary Clinton’s on-going health problems, which include extended coughing spells, trouble climbing stairs, and unnatural head movements.

You have to see this:

Her top aide Huma Abedin admitted in newly released email that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was “often confused” and needed help during calls with foreign leaders.

Is Hillary Clinton hiding serious health issues? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.