Hillary Clinton Pushes Global Warming Agenda, Then Gets Caught Doing THIS!

Hillary Clinton used a speech in Iowa to push her campaign’s ideas on global warming… and then took a private jet across the country.

The hypocrisy of it is appalling!

During her speech at the Des Moines Area Rapid Transit Central Station, Clinton was flanked by bicycles for dramatic effect and called global warming “one of the most urgent threats of our time.”


That was before America Rising PAC spotted the former Secretary of State boarding a $5,800 per hour French-made Dassault Falcon 900B – a plane that boasts about its fuel efficiency and burns 347 gallons of jet fuel per hour.

“Despite her campaign’s best efforts to rebrand her as a down-to-earth fighter for “everyday Americans,” Hillary Clinton’s jet-setting ways are just further confirmation that she’s out of touch with the American people,” America Rising PAC’s communications director Jeff Bechdel told Daily Mail.

“It’s that kind of hypocrisy that makes the majority of voters say Clinton is not honest or trustworthy.”

Clinton has used the same plane several times before to take her to several speaking engagements at which she was paid more than $200,000 each.

What a bunch of hypocrisy! This is why nobody trusts her and her campaign is failing.

What do you think about this double standard? 

H/T: Daily Mail

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