Krauthammer Suggests Hillary Take ‘Lying Lessons’ – Guess Who The Tutor Would Be!


Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer  blasted Hillary’s ever-evolving stories about her private e-mail server, saying she needs to take “lying lessons.”

Not only that, Krauthammer knows the perfect person to teach the course. Her husband, Bill Clinton.

His explanation was that Slick Willie “was one of the great liars of all time.”

He “could do it with a smile and charm, and kind of in a way that was sort of wizardry,” Krauthammer said.

By contrast, Hillary “has none (charisma), and she can’t lie very well.” Watch his incredible take below …

Via Fox News Insider:

Charles Krauthammer said that Hillary Clinton has never been able to escape the press conference she held at the UN about her use of a private email server a year and a half ago, “which was fundamentally untrue at about twelve levels.”

“What she needs are lying lessons from her husband,” Krauthammer said, “who was one of the great liars of all time, could do it with a smile and charm, and kind of in a way that was sort of wizardry.”

He said that Bill Clinton “got away with a lot of lies” because of his charisma.

“She has none, and she can’t lie very well.”

Krauthammer went on to point out that Trey Gowdy managed to destroy every single lie Hillary told to the American people, one by one, when he questioned FBI director James Comey.

The problem isn’t that she’s very bad at lying – the problem is she’s so good at getting away with things even when it’s so obvious.

Comment: Do you agree that Bill Clinton is the greatest liar of all time? If so, what does that make Hillary? Share your thoughts below.

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