Hillary Clinton Ignores Reporter, You Won’t Believe the Reason!

Republican candidates face tough questions, including the “liberal media gotcha” every day from town to town, city to city and state to state. One of Hillary Clinton’s campaign problems is that she has too many lies to cover and she has no good record to show! She wants to poke fun and play gotcha with Republican candidates but will side-step a question from a serious reporter in a heartbeat.

Ed Henry Upset

During his appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” Ed Henry spoke to host Martha MacCallum about how one of Hillary’s aides pulled him to the front during a news conference over the weekend and what happened next.


“We have this news conference. There’s long buildup to it. I’m standing three feet from Secretary Clinton and, one of her aides had sort of pulled me to the front, suggesting I was likely to get a question,” Henry explained to Martha MacCallum. “So I was waiting my turn. I wasn’t going to start shouting in her face. I’m three feet from her. She goes through her list and they have a careful list of who they’re going to call on, and then she just turns and walks away.”

Ed Henry is a great reporter and very fair. What happened to him was probably more targeted at Fox News. One thing to remember, every time Hillary refuses to talk to the media, she is actually refusing to talk with the American people. If this is any indication of the type of President that she will make, she doesn’t deserve the title.

Check out Ed’s interview here:

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