It seems like only yesterday we were analyzing Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental capability in serving as president of the United States.

Actually, that’s because it was yesterday.

Today is another day, and today brings us amazing footage of Clinton in what appears to be the candidate suffering from a momentary blackout.

She loses her train of thought completely mid-sentence, which to be fair has happened to the best of us.

But look closely at the following video – the blank stare that comes over Clinton’s face is downright frightening, and is accompanied by a stutter-step where she momentarily appears to be getting dizzy.

Watch the clip below …

Via the Duran:

As the Clinton campaign machine continues to attack Trump’s health and mental stability, with media stories portraying Trump as a sociopath or mentally challenged candidate, it appears that Hillary is once again deflecting and distracting the public from recognizing her own mental stability and health issues.

In an ironic twist of fate, it is not Donald Trump’s health that is now being called into question, but Hillary’s well being is now under severe scrutiny, as recent social media photos and recorded video speeches show a Clinton unable to walk, often forgetful and continuously blacking out in mid sentence.

The latest blackout spell came during this campaign speech where Hillary appears to just freeze up.

The question remains – Just what the hell is going on with Hillary and her health?

Liberals have been trying to paint Trump as the unstable candidate in this election, but if there’s anyone physically and mentally unfit to lead, it just might be Hillary Clinton.

Comment: Is Hillary Clinton mentally or physically unable to serve as president in your opinion? Tell us what you think below.

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